Variant of the 2005 Mustang to be unveiled?

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  1. Did you mean a V8 car with a V6 skin? :shrug:
  2. So what's the deal, I read on BamaGT (brad's site) that there was an unanounced Carroll Shelby siting...could this mean there'll be a prototype Shelby Mustang there?
  3. There's another thread in here about a Boss 350 (350 hp) and an Eleanor (500 hp) that are supposed to be unveiled at some point.....but I sort of doubt those rumors.
  4. Any idea when they are going to unveil it? Its 9 am here on the west coast, meaning its close to noon in Chicago and still no info. The suspense is killing me!
  5. I read that Ford is having their press conference around 1:30, I'm guessing central time since it's in Chicaca.
  6. well, todays the day and I am scannin the live cams from the event to see if I can catch a glimpse
  7. Who hopes it is something completely original? I mean the SVT Cobra has always rocked and i love the new MACh1's but it was sweet when Ford made the Bullitt. I was sweet, not because it was a better performing car (cause we all know that it lacked a decent power plant) but because it was new and original. It wasn't a rehash of an existing legend.

    I've always thought that something like "SVT Thoroughbred" would be a cool name, especially if it was a racing/performance oriented mustang.
  8. Any and all new information on Mustang or its variants is a good thing!

    Looking forward to some new newz :nice:
  9. here is the first stang I can find at the ford spot in the show. sorry is so blurry, I am using their web cams...[​IMG]

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  10. oh, ok, it a yellow mach...[​IMG]

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  11. That's it? What a let down.

  12. no! thats just something they have on open exhibit. new stang not yet unveiled!
  13. Thanks for the updates, Vlad. Keep'em coming. I'm with most of the other folks that it's probably going to be the convertible but I'm hoping otherwise.
  14. Hmmmm Carol in Chicago eh....? Things are about to get REALLY intresting methinks.
  15. I hope it's not just a vert.

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    Hey Vlad,

    Which live camera is that? 1, 2, 3, or 4? :shrug:
  17. best views of ford arer cameras 3 and 4. its been half an hour since the ford media event was supposed to start. I still cant find the car.
  18. It's getting closer. I had some trouble with the cams.
  19. Damn clam shell displays at ford's booths blocking most of the views inside their display. :( Been scanning them since sunday. The shelby roadster showed up, the ford gt is there, haven't spotted one 05 stang yet. Bro tells me the silver and white stripe 05 is cruising to various media places getting pics shot, etc. Look for it to show up tomorrow at show. Still waiting to see what the mystery stang is gonna be.
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    Which way should I be looking for cams 3 and 4?