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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 5literstang, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. ok i took my car to a shop that i know, the guy there is awesome for working on cars, i dropped off the car on july 7th. it's still in the shop, it's getting the DSS put in, there were a few problems that he had but nothin were it takes over a month and a week. i'm starting to get really pissed off, this guy works too slow, what pisses me off more is that when i dropped it off he told me it ould be a week or so, nd everytime he told me it would be ready it was always pushed back. this is making me regret buying the DSS, i should have just got rid of the car and got myself that 98 Cobra i was looking at it. sorry guys i just need to vent, please comment on this. what should i do, what should i tell the shop, i itnhk they should at least giv me some kinda discount. -Jeff
  2. I'm lucky with the position I'm in, where if I screw anything up, I always have my father to undo my screw up (he's a Ford Mechanic). Talk to the guy without being an ass and try to find out some actual information as to when it will be done. I've worked at a muffler shop inbetween schooling, so I know how some of these shops work, and let me tell you this. Someone that ****es and complains about how it's "taking too long," we suggest one of two things. One - do it yourself. Two - STFU and wait. Discounts aren't given to those who piss and moan.

    Go in and talk to the guy in person, act like it isn't a problem, and just "out of curiousity" ask when it'll be done.

  3. they told me that it will be ready on monday, but when i go in to pick up the car, i'm not goin to say anything to the guy at all, i'm just goin to pay him and maybe leave some rubber for him, thats it, my summer has been **** so far, i havn't been able to drive my car at all and now it's the middle of august and i still don't have my car. i really wish i would have just got that 98 cobra really bad cuz at least i would of had a better summer.
  4. do it yourself
  5. i was goin to but i'm glad i didn't with the problems that he had.
  6. good things come to those who wait....... also not a good idea to do burnouts that soon with a brand new motor
  7. yea i know i wasn't planning on actually doin one but i don't think i'm ever takin my car there again. they do good work but they take too damn long
  8. Yes, this is why I do things myself. 99% of the time I am too picky about the work that others do and knowing this I just save myself and shops problems.

    I have alot of friends and family that are in the auto buisness and I 100% agree with what Joes95gt posted, I would not do a 'burnout" either, what if there is some problem that pops up that is the shops fault? burnt that bridge and since you dont do your own work will have to find a new shop.
  9. i just can't wait to get my car back, i'm sure i'll be ahppy when i ge tit back, but if i would have known it was goin to take this long i would have sold the car.
  10. i just talked to the guy and he was telling me it would have been ready by 2morrow but his boss pulled him away from it to help him with another car, after i paid for the car and what not, that boss is goin to hear it!
  11. :doh:

    It's only summer. There is one summer every year. Just look forward to next summer. :shrug:

    "Telling the boss off" is going to do nothing except make you look like a jackass. They got their money, and the job is completed.

    There was no time frame agreed upon in a contract, so they are entitled to take as much time as necessary to "get the job done."

    Why not just pay the bill and go on your way? Take it as another lesson learned. I just don't see any sense in telling anyone off.

  12. i understand that they would take their time and stuff but come on, it's been in there for over a month
  13. A month is entirely way too long to drop a block in whether it is a short or long block that’s just :bs: . If they have been waiting on parts than that’s out of there hands but if they keep pulling this guy off your car to finish someone else car I would definitely speak with the manager on duty.
  14. my point exactly! i'm definitly goin to take to the manager but i'm not goin to be a dick about it, i'm just goin to tell him that i'm not happy that it took them this long to drop a shortblock in, also the car better be running in great shape after that cuz if thers anytihng else wrong then they are goin to hear it!
  15. 2morrow i'm goin to the shop with pete (yellow5.0cobra) cuz he is pickin up my stock shortblock, so i'm goin to see how it's comin along, i will post up 2morrow and let u guys know what i have found out.
  16. well the guy that was building my gave me his cell phone number nad he told me to call him on saturday to meet up with him so i can pick up the shortblock for pete, the guy never picked up his cell phone, i called like 10 times and left 5 messages, 2mororw i pick up the i'll let u guys know how everything goes.
  17. hope it comes out good.
  18. ye ai'm hoping for the same, i can't wait til that motor is broken in and i can take it to the track to see what that thing runs.
  19. well i called the shop today and the guy that is workin on my car never came into work today so it's not done...while i was in work my mother called and told the manager that the car "HAS" to be ready by 2morrow, and if it's not i don't wanna think about whats goin to happen 2morrow, cuz not only am i pissed, my parents are pissed cuz i use there cars, so they want the car back by 2morrow, so hopefully it will be ready, according to the shop, all that has to be done is the exhaust has to be bolted on. lets hope i get it 2morrow guys.
  20. So they couldn't get someone to just bolt up the exhaust. The sevice manager in that shop sucks. they could have just asked another tech to bolt it up for them.
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