VENT : I can't stand this shop sometimes

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 5literstang, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. Seriously, I have no problems with mechanics. Really the guy is just an a$$hole and that was the first insult that came out of my mouth. So seriously don't take that personally as no one else should. He is the kinda guy why people don't trust mechanics and stereotypes form. We are all people we have good and bad people just some hide behind different curtains. In this case the dude is an untrustworthy mechanic potentially bringing a bad rap to others.
  2. ............... i didnt want to say anything after reading all these posts on the subject........ but i was just joking in my post about no need to say grease monkey......... sorry guys :rlaugh:
  3. oh fun post
  4. way to stir things up.... :rlaugh:
  5. hopefully we havent heard back because he took a bat to see the mechanic, beat the crap out of him, and got arrested.

    We should change this thread's name to "I got boned by this shop one time."
  6. i hope so. either that or hes been to busy driving his car around. but theres also the possibility that hes been crying in his room this whole time. I think it would be great if all of a sudden he posted "Just Kidding guys...." :rlaugh:
  7. Valley Performance, Belleville NJ
    ask for Alfredo :nice:
  8. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    FBI Newark
    1 Gateway Center, 22nd. Floor
    Newark, New Jersey 07102-9889
    (973) 792-3000
    ask for the organized crime section :nice:
  9. I was hoping that when I came home I would see that the kid had his car. CRAP, I guess I'll just check back tomorrow, wait, that sounds kinda familiar, doesn't it?
  10. this is the never ending thread!!! Hope you get your car back!

  11. Is this the grease monkey's shop??? I'll setup a modem to redial every 3 min and call and do Arnold voices. Fawking dude... Then he will have an excuse why he can't work on his cars. :D
  12. no, that is where he should have had his car worked on!! :nice:
  13. The suspense is KILLING me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    I just can't hear any more excuses tho.... :rolleyes:
  14. His dog pissed on the tires, so they have to recondition them with Black Magic?
  15. Kid,your dad said if it wasn't done soon yopu guys would show up with a flatbed and pickup to take ur car and all the parts>It's past time to take him up on this offer.

    This guy is obviously not a very good friend to be jerking his friend's son around like this.This is bs,you should have your car back.

    I am starting my auto tech class on Monday so I can become an auto mechanic,and I would never ork on someone esle's car until the current project I am on is finished to the ebst of my ability.It's first come first serve,I don't care if it the Predisent of the US's car,he'll have to wait his turn.
  16. Dang...there goes another 3 weeks.
  17. Maybe longer... the dog was drinking the blue water out of the toilet just hours before. :nonono:
  18. Either he has been driving it non stop or he doesn't want to post up the outcome.
  19. I told you guys! :bang:
  20. wow. i have now officially bookmarked this page. i think the guy is so depressed on the outcome of his car he doesnt want to post.
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