VENT : I can't stand this shop sometimes

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 5literstang, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. i cant talk right now but i finally got it!! it's awesome but i have a few things i gotta say about it. be back later
  3. Possible Translation:

    "I got the car but I also got a laywer he says to keep my mouth shut until the courts are done with it" :D

    Atleast that is what I would like to read into it. :shrug: :nice:
  4. I love this soap opera. BEST SOAP OPERA EVER......EVER!!!!!
  5. Congrats Jeff.
  6. WOOO HOO, i'm away for a day and he gets his car back... all the good stuff happens when u leave.. :nice:
  7. i agree :nice:

    fredo is the man. gotta have it. lol, smack it up :rlaugh:
  8. ok guys this thread ends here, i'm goin to start a new one.
  9. forget starting a new thread cuz my comp was being gay and was not letting me so i'll jsut post in here. it runs great but i itnhk it will run better once its broken in nad tuned. i have a few questions, how much fab work does it take to get the dynomax race bullets on? and my car was lowered and the ebrake cable runs on the driveshaft, how do i fix that so it does not rub? thanks -Jeff
  10. thats all your saying? after all these posts your not gonna givepics/info/what happened at the shop/ how you work a h/c ls1.......
  11. i don't have any pics yet cuz it's been ****ting out and i have to borrow my friend camera. but once i do i'll post
  12. Well what happened with the shop? Please tell me you didn't complety bend over and pay full price? :shrug:
  13. nope i didn't, and i filed a complaint and someone is goin over to the shop this week to talk to the manager. i'll let u guys know what happens when i find out
  14. Where are the pics of the girlfriend on that stang?!?!?
  15. pics will be up soon. this week guys hang in there...

  16. Sounds like what that "mechanic" told you 3 months ago when you asked if the cars ready yet :rlaugh:
  17. I just read through all of these pages. Glad you finally got your car back :nice:
  18. Did you start last week? :owned:
  19. thanks guys, the car runs good, but how should i break it in cuz i'm hearing 2 different stories, some are telling to baby it and others are telling me to get on it a bit, what should i do? so far i have put 200 miles on it and i have been doin a little bit of both.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.