VENT : I can't stand this shop sometimes

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 5literstang, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. isn't it too late to do the "hard breakin" version at 200 miles. i dunno, i'd be a little weary doing the hard breaking- is there some kinda warrenty on it?
  2. I'm petty sure your mechanic broke it in for you.:D
  3. i heard the best way to break it in is to rough on it a little bit.

  4. :stupid:
  5. Read through all the pages and cant believe the guy doesnt even post what his combo is... Sure am glad you got the car finally :nice: !!
  6. this ending was wa, wa , waaaaa. i'm glad you got your car back, but all of us have been following this thread for so long and you just blow everyone off. how was the pickup? how much did you end up paying? WHAT'S THE COMBO? did you look the mechanic in the eye and tell him he was a piece of ****? tell, tell
  7. Yahh what he said!
  8. and i felt bad for this guy from page 1-page 4 too :nonono:
  9. He'll be back.... after what he went through... I doubt he can sit down anymore. Much less sit long enough to get on the internet. :nonono:
  10. Some people are probably wondering if you REALLY got the car back. I know I'm not the only one thinking that. Am I?

    A lot of guys were behind you through this whole long thing. It took a lot of patience for me to even read and follow this whole thread without feeling pissed at the shop and the mechanic.

    We should get details and pics.
  11. Yeah, he took it up the ass pretty hard. It's cool you got your car back and all, I just read this thread today, hope you enjoy it. But you have the same problem I used to have. You gotta stand up to yourself more. That was beyond point of sitting down with your dad and saying: "I don't think he's a good friend of yours, treating you like that, and I have waited long enough, it's past time to get my car, and I hope you respect it." On the good side, however, it took a lot of character NOT to flat out shoot this guy (kidding :).) Anyway, with that past you, I really do hope you enjoy your car, it sounds like it will be quite a quick little daily driver. :D Makes me jealous. Good luck to you. :nice:
  12. is this thread dead? :shrug: I feel like I did when Seinfeld went off the air!!! :mad: more more more!!! We NEED closure! LOL
  13. ya dude ****ty way to end this drama thread.
  14. That settles it. Whoever lives the closest to this kid will just have to go steal it for a while. lol
    Or if you're really brave you could take YOUR car to that shop and start it all over again.
  15. Glad you got your car back man!!! :nice:
    I can't believe I just read this entire thread (I can't believe I didn't look at it till now, but after the Amp [Az] thread haven't been in the mood).

    Somebody mentioned the hypothetical costs of a rental this whole time. Not sure if you ended up paying, but based on 70 days @$25/day (which is cheap) ==>$1750 not incl. tax.
    Conclusion: Your dad pays $0, and based on an initial agreement of $1200 the shop owes you $550 :D minimum. Now, obviously this most likely won't be the case, but it's good incentive to get one hell of a discount!
  16. yo guys i'm really sorry i havn't been on stangnet in 3 days!!! i was so busy with my car! i have 300 miles on it so far. the thing is fast as hell! my combo can be found in "my garage" i'm goin to be taking some pics today, i'll see if i can gt them up for u guys to see her, and my girlfirend is sick so she can't pose on them today but sometime next week i'll get her too. and on friday i will be gettin the race bullets put on, isn't there a show at etown on saturday the 25th? i heard there was and then some ricer told me it was sunday nad saturday was for the imports, anybody know? thanks guys pics will be up soon!
  17. No offense, but we don't really care about pics... we REALLY want to know how you got the car back and what happened there. :rolleyes:
  18. well the price was dropped by 500 bucks, last i heard that guy was gettin fired. and thats about it. lol but anyway i'm still goin to post some pics. but later on right now i gotta go take care of my girlfriend cuz she is sick, later
  19. FYI: Saturday @ Englishtown is for our cars, Customs, vans, street rods, modified trucks, kit cars and race cars. Sunday is only antiques, classics and stock production to 1989 only.
  20. ok cool i'll be there guys and my girlfriend is comin too! we should all meet up or something.
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