VENT : I can't stand this shop sometimes

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 5literstang, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. you must be f'ing kidding, detail dude. Dont play around, drop off the details. We wont flame you too hard :D
  2. Car is for sale.... guess we'll never know.
  3. i stl havn't gotten a camera yet. there is nothin else to tell i told u the whole story. nd yes the car is for sale.
  4. You're not in the mood for details... WELL YOU BETTER GET IN THE MOOD, I want details and I want them NOW!
  5. after all that, you're selling the car? why?
  6. i think he test drove a 01 cobra.....whatever :rolleyes: :nonono:
  7. You should enjoy the new ride!!! This is not the time of year to try and sell anyways!
    We want some pics!!!!!!!!
  8. All that trouble, and now you're going to SELL IT??? Ohh man!

    Hey, I've got a 91 Mustang here.....I'll trade ya... It's got a buttload of motor work, just needs a trans. And a stereo. :D :rolleyes:
  9. i just loveed the feeling of sitting in a new car, it was nice. the car is up for sale, if it sells i'll be gettin that 01 cobra if not then i'll jsut sell in the spring.
  10. no details, only pics of half the interior and no motor shots in the ad and you want 10K+ for the car. I am starting to believe the thread starter is :bs: . Anyone who has read through this epic will know that what is for sale is not a stallion but an abandoned mule. I cant believe after all of this crap, you turn around and try to sell it for that much. I thought you said it was ballin'. You think an 01 cobra will be faster?

    These kids today :nonono:
  11. i havn't gotten a camera so i couldn't some pics. but i'm not looking for a fast car anymore i would just rather something newer and that has some power like 99/01 cobra.
  12. :bs:
  13. if your saying that an 01 cobra is faster than what you have listed in your garage.
    then your car doesn't have whats' listed.
    you just got ripped off, big time.

  14. :stupid: :damnit:

    I feel I wasted several weeks of my reading time to no avail. No pics, no dirty details from the shop, nothing. Why dont you just keep the car and have your daddy buy you the cobra? :owned:
  15. I knew I wasn't the only one that felt this way..... :nonono:
  16. first of all i nver said an 01 cobra would be faster then my car. i said i don't really need a fast car like the one i have and my parents rather me have a newer car so i'm gettin a newer i jsut wanted a cobra cuz i didn't want a 99+ GT i don't know why u guys are thinking differently. and another thing i will be paying for the cobra, like i did on GT (except the new motor) i'm not a spoiled rich kid, i pay my way
  17. this threads too long
  18. What an ironic thing to say. :lol:

    I vote for :lock: and let it die! The information in it isn't worth the number of pages dedicated to it. :notnice:
  19. :nonono:, althought i've got like 100 posts in this thing ---> :lock:
  20. i know this thread has gotten really long but i just found out that the guy from the shop was issued a huge fine for having my car so long. plus i complained about it not being done too well (which it was built well) but he was issed a $5,000 fine! sucks for that guy.
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