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Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 5literstang, Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. :bs:
    who issued the fine? I hate that you have went through this entire rigamorole and in the end, give up and sell the thing. Not good. For real, who issued the fine?
  2. Jeff this is not a smart move on your part, just wait til that 4.6 DOHC has something go wrong :nonono:
  3. i feel dumb for having read this thread. i feel like i just watched star wars for the first time and luke and han ended up being gay lovers. there should be a warning about the anti-climatic ending of this thread :bang: o well glad you got your car back kid.
  4. 5literstang, way to be a smart dude. go through all that hassle and money, and then just decide you don't want the car anymore after 3 days. good job. i'm sure your parents are proud of you.
  5. it's amazing how quickly we all turned against him :rlaugh:
  6. if read the whole thread u would have seen that my parents wanted to me sell it and get a newer car. :nonono:

  7. ??????????
  8. i don't think i've ever looked at this thread till today, but finally i got curious and decided "hey, what the hell, i should look". What's the story in here?
  9. Engine swap that took WAY too long.... and everything is great. However, the car is now for sale. Supposedly because his parent's want him to get a different one, not cause the car is a POS now.

    Lot's of Drama, Drama, Drama. Poster wants advice and help, but when it comes time to return the news to those that helped, it's all kinda wishy-washy with no details. So people are getting touchy cause it's rude.

    Now the person is keeping the car and getting a 01 Cobra or something like that... but they are NOT a spoiled little rich kid.

    To me it's a thread not even worth locking... it should disappear without a trace. :D

    That about sum it up everyone? :shrug:

  10. Yup, yup! I concur. My feeling exactly. What's the deal?
  11. I agree with you Gcomfx, but where was it mentioned that he is keeping his 94? Did I miss that part?
  12. i read something like that before

    yeah....he's not rich or nothing....I'm trying to fix my freakin 95 on a cobra's in sight for me.

    he is keeping his 94 if he can sort out the problem
  13. as of now i'm keepin the car for a while, i'm goin to be takin it to the track beofre it closes and i'm gettin a 99 cobra sometime this week. depending on how everything is i might sell the car but not for a while, sorrry for being a dick about everything and givin bad info i just have not had the time cuz i was either working, with my girlfriend or driving the car, so sorry guys, hope u forgive
  14. We don't have pics of the car, pics of the g/f on the car or much info on what happened........................

    I say we ban you until we see the things you promised us. :nonono:
  15. why don't we just close the thread and wait until he sorts everything out....never a bad idea if you ask me...
  16. ok pics will be comin when i wash it and get nice and pretty for u guys. also i'll have my gf on the car.
  17. I've heard that one before.
  18. I cant believe I read this thread....lets start a petition to ban him.
  19. yea i know u prolly heard it beofre lol, would it be sweet to see the 94 GT next to a 99 Cobra? lol right now my dad has the car and he took it on his buissness trip (he wants to break it) so he has the car now
  20. *Signs this petition*

    I won't withdraw my Signature until we have the pics :nonono:

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