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  1. :mad: So I ordered the Long Tube on September 26 from RW! It's definitely coming up on 2 months and I have yet to receive it. :nonono: Apparantly it's been out of stock and I should be getting word of it being delivered soon. I'm getting a little sick of sending an e-mail or two every week, and I'm sure their computer techs are sick of receiving them.
    Just wondered if anyone else ever had this problem with them or maybe ordered the street header and are having my trouble.
    I'm about ready to tell them to take me off the list. I'm going to e-mail them again tomorrow and see what the deal is. I'd like this by December 18 (last day of semester) so my Dad and I can get it out and size things up to get the intermediate pipe made and get the cat, muffler and tailpipe on already.

    Does anyone have a Long Tube they may want to get rid of??
  2. ive always had ok luck with RW, not the fastest shippers, but ok (in my exspereince). I suggest you get in contact with dpstang92 (his aim sn). He had one that he was gonna let go for super cheap, obviously used, but whats the differnece for the right price ;)
  3. Thanks woodster, I'm sure this doesn't happen all the time, it just is starting to get to me!
  4. I have a Hedman #89370 long tube, ceramic coated, collecting dust in my garage. Don't know if I'm ready to part with it, though. Bought it from ; try this part number: HED-48030. It's slightly different than mine. Note the absence of smog fittings (u custom).
    RW can be like that some times. Some times the piston doesn't always get to TDC, so to speak. :D
  5. The HED-48030 is for a Mustang II, I'll look for another one though, thanks.
  6. Just order the thing from JCWhitney, last guy I talked to at RW said the header they were selling was just the Pacesetter header anyway.

    Oh, and I haven't had the best luck with RW either. They don't seem to have their act together.
  7. Thanks Red, I'm gonna check that out tonight.
    EDIT: I can't find one? Can anyone help?
    EDIT #2: On, it's part # PSM-70-1064
    I think thats it - It looks the same, but does not say if it fits the 2.3 Mustang, only says it fits the 2.3 Ranger up to 1990 and Pinto up to 1980. I'm going to order it if it is right! Get some money back from RW that I have been without for 2 months.
  8. tealtiger, your link doesn't work. What's the item number you're looking at?
  9. On, it's part # PSM-70-1064
    Listed for the Pinto and Ranger, not the Mustang. But it looks exactly the same.
  10. The stock cast Ranger header seems to be a common bolt-on on 2.3 Foxes, so if the stock Ranger manifold fits, a header made for a Ranger ought to, so.....

  11. its not head flange side he is worried about..that little thing called the fire wall is what really matters.
  12. So it wont fit?

    I just got an e-mail, another 4 weeks at least from RW :(
  13. im not sure, they sell the pacesetter in a few varations, one is a for a "through firewall" setup...i would call whoever and see what they say.
  14. Thanks woodster
  15. I don't know why Summit only lists that header for the Pinto, Ranger, and Capri, but I doubt any of them would fit your car. They make one specifically for the Mustang, it's listed as being for the '79-81 Mustang but it'll fit any fox with a 2.3L in it.

    Also, the Pacesetter is only made one way...all those "through the firewall" headers and stuff like that are race headers, I don't know who makes them though.

    Anyway, tealtiger, I'm tellin should just cancel your order with racer walsh and order from JCWhitney if you want the header.
  16. Ive looked through their site a couple times now, and I cant find it ... Ill look again.
  17. Might try JCW #SN214113B

    Listed as '79-'81 2300------$159.95

    Don't know if it's a long tube, tho

    No EGR or o2 hook-ups just like RW

    Hope this helps

  18. No luck, thanks for the help though.
  19. Wow

    Don't know what's happenin here---that is definately a Pacsetter part #
    out of the JCW paper catalog---just got a new one Thanksgiving week


    Cust Serv-- 1-800-469-3894 M-F 7-8:30 cst
    Orders-- 1-800-529-4486 24 hrs
    Fax-- 1-800-537-2700

  20. I go to and in the top left there's a "search" box. I put in that number by itself, and also tried it with JCW in front and no luck. I'll try again.