Venting about Racer Walsh ...

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  1. Is that the right number, Im still having no luck.
    EDIT: According to their site:
    "Type alphanumeric part number exactly as it appears in the JC Whitney catalog (12XX3456X or XXX123456X)."
  2. Shawn---I'm not sure what's with JCW---I have an October cat & a Dec cat

    the part# in the Oct is SK214113B; in the Dec one, it's SN214113B & on the
    JCW website all the Pacesetter header #'s start with a ZX !?!?!?!?

    They only list online a header for a 4.9 F150 :bang: :bang: :bang:

    I'd call the order phone # and use the SN214113B from catalog #693J-12 &
    try to get a detailed description of the item

    I dunno

  3. This is such a pain in the a s s!
  4. JCWhitney's website sucks, I dunno what the deal is. You really need to have a catalog to look stuff up in.

    In the catalog I have, the Mustang header is listed as 21UE4113B. Try that number and see if it works.

    Edit: Looks like they must change the item number every month or something. That's pretty stupid.
  5. Thats ridiculous! LoL, Im glad I ordered a catalog then! ... Come to think of it, I ordered a new RW mag around the time I ordered the header, and I dont think I got that. But I may have just not gotten it from my family since Im at school and those type of things get lost and forgotten real easily at my house, esp with the move.

    Note to self: Post pics of garage

    EDIT: Thats not the right number either :nonono: