Ventura County

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  1. Anyone in the Ventura County? Looking for people in this area who want help or can offer help with mods and stuff. Nothing but ricers in my area :notnice:
  2. I'm in simi valley, I can help if you need extra hands, but I've got limited experiences with Mustangs so far. Did all my own work on my last truck though.
  3. Your on my list of locals. I'm thinking about the Jerry Mod...any experience with tranny's?
  4. other than sending my S10 to Leon's in Thousand Oaks to get the trans rebuilt, no, lol.
  5. I live in canyon country, but i'm ready to help if you need!!!
  6. Where is Canyon Country? Maybe if we can get enough people from the imediate area we can all meet up. Maybe at Dyno Day's at Bottle Blown?
  7. i'm near magic mountain...i'm up for dyno days...
  8. So your by the 5 and 126. Here is the link for Dyno Days.

    PM me so I can remember who to hit up a week or so in advance.
  9. I work in simi.....
  10. see my other thread for a meeting idea.
  11. Where? I woulda replied. This thread, Dyno Days thread, no meeting idea! What's your idea?
  12. cruisers car wash, friday night meets. Northridge. Tampa Ave. between Nordhoff and Parthenia.
  13. I was just over at bottle blown talking with Mark, he is a cool guy. I put my car up on the dyno, but found a few major prob's. :notnice: I will fix them and be back soon. Maybe a few of us could hook up sometime?
  14. I know Mark pretty well. Hit me up when you guys are going. :D
  15. name a time and a place, i'll be there, busted bumper and all
  16. Hey, Im relativly new to these forums, I live on Point Mugu and was thinking about going to bottle blown. Do you guys get together often? Where at and when?
  17. Heyyyyy....

    Your out at Mugu. I'm in Oxnrad not far from Port Huneme. I'll probably be going to Dyno Days @ Bottle Blown as well as considering going to the Magnaflow open house in April. Any interest? Let me know!!
  18. I registered for your club 2 months ago and still have not gotten a confirmation email. Wont let me log on either. Username would be the same as it is here.

    I'd really like to get on there to meet some locals, plus I know an old friend from high school is part of Wild Horses. I think they'd be more than surprised to see me driving a Stang.
  19. I see that you were appoved to post before I even found your account. Sorry you didn't get the confirmation email. You should just be able to login under your username, "Islander03GT" and whatever password you used.