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  1. What's up Mark. It's me Mike I talked to you this morning. When did you say you were going to get the dyno? Cuz I can't wait to see what my car can do.

    oh yeah BJ's. I'll see if I can go if I don't have school that night.
  2. Welcome to the VC area. Guess we got our Cobra right on time. Getting the mod bug so we need to talk soon. Once again, welcome to the local area.

  3. Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!! I just placed a dozen or so of these on windows tonight. May have to do that micky fricky camp thing you talked about. As for the grill the Jeep is available for hauling the large dirty stuff.

  4. I'm willing to help out however I can. I think I have a little grill that I can put in my trunk.
  5. Head Count


    We need to start getting a head count for Sunday's BBQ. Please include the number of guests and # of stangs in your party. There is a portion of the parking lot I'm going to try and block off just for the stangs and I want to know how big of a space to rope off. Hopefully the park ranger won't get pist.

  6. 1 Stang, 2 people
  7. what is going on?

    Hey, can somebody give me a short run down on what is going on and when? I have been out of the loop for awhile and all this talking has got me lost. I get back on Wednesday from this hell. Good to see a new shop in this area. So please somebody give me some insight.
  8. hey guys...wanted to say hi, just joined in. Have a 88lx open track car and a svt focus....any corner carvers here?

    Im a board memeber of SVTOA and do road course instuction for a few groups out here....would love some more mustangs to join and lay a little smak on the import guys

    I live in camarillo
  9. Yes, we are open 10-4 on saturdays, give us a call or come by, we will get you taken care of.

  10. Thanks for the welcome guys, we will be having a grand opening in a few weeks, would love to meet all of you.

  12. Hey Dustin, glad you'll be back man. Chain of events are as follows.

    This Wednesday we will be meeting at BJ's around 6:30ish. We are going to be having a BBQ on Sunday Sept. 5th at Oxnard Beach Park and we are going to talk about that and whatever else you guys have going on. There are a few events coming up also that I would like to get the crew together to attend. We also have a few new people to The Ventura County thread that we hope to meet up with. Also a new shop (local) for us to go check out. From what I hear, very reputable.
  13. Hey guys, back from the camping trip, Man did my Jeep take a beating but nothing stopped it. :) Waiting for dinner Wednesday night and hope all can make it. As for the new shop rode the bike by last night to get a target on it and nice to have it right around the corner. Was a green Stang parked outside, not sure if I would do that around there. Too many vandals running them streets. See you all shortly if all goes well.


    PS Still have them tickets to Fridays races at California Speedway - FREE
  14. Hey guys, just checkin in. Haven't been on these forums much in awhile. My car has been nothing but a headache and money pit since it started. I am getting close to having my car on the road again and just thought I'd stop in and say hello. Does anyone know of anyone including the guys over at Bottle Blown if they know how to tune the F.A.S.T. DFI system? It's got a partial tune on it now and the motor needs to be broken in again after the oil pump went south on the first tune attempt with only 5500 miles on the whole thing. It's a '92 GT with a 342 stroker and Vortech T-Trim. Any help would be great. And after our wedding and honeymoon would really like to get out and meet some of the local guys around here. Talk to you soon. Shawn
  15. Try contacting Mark over at MMR. It's a new shop here in Oxnard over off of Eastman. If you scroll up a bit you'll see he's also new to the boards he has a link to MMR's website and you can find the number and address there.

    Good Luck :nice:
  16. Talked to Mark last night, great guy and he will have his Dyno soon. Give him a call and I am sure he can get you going right. He was going to try and make BJ's Pizza GTG tommorow night so come on by and you can talk with him and the rest of us too.

  17. Cool thanks guys. I will be working late tomorrow, but will definitely get out to you guys and meet everyone here soon. I will be going to talk to Mark tomorrow before I go into work and pick his brain a little bit. Thanks again and look forward to meeting you guys and gals.
  18. 4 days and counting til the BBQ!! I'm bringing a case of burgers (6 dollar burgers) and buns and stuff. I'll bring a little beer, but can we get some MORE beer because you know I like beer. Beer is very close to my heart as it is always there for me. Even in my darkest hours, I can always count on the ice cold refreshing taste of beer. So feel free to bring some beer.
  19. If I were old enough to buy beer I would bring some.

    I can bring a beer bong though :banana:
  20. Will a BIG cooler work? Mmmm $6 burgers.