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  1. Yes, a big cooler will work just lovely. I myself am bringing a big cooler full of, you guessed it, BEER. Oh yeah, and some burgers and cheese.

    like I said I'll buy 12 parking tickets to ensure we all park together. I'll get the first set and you can get the second set if need be. I'll have the place set up, before you wake up. I'll be sleeping on the table so wake me up when you get there. Oh damn, I can't mess my hair up cuz Letty is bringing her friend....... WooT!!
  2. what time is this again? saw the video, we need to do more of those. Maybe some in car camera's. Wish I could of hung out longer but had the family, sunday will be fun though.
  3. Sorry we were unable to make it guys, as many of you know we rubbed our racecar into the wall at LACR and have been trying to rrepair it for Labor Day nationals in vegas. Look forward to the next GTG.

  4. talking about in car cameras, do any of you know of a camera mount I could purchase that does NOT need a roll cage ?
  5. Mount it on my light bar!!! That would look crazy, nice arial view. Well sorta.
    Try pulling your head rest off (passenger side) and somehow tie it up there.
  6. It starts at 11, but I'm sure people won't pull in til around noon. Rusty, Joe and I are going to get there early to set up so I'm sure one of us will be there all morning. See you there!!
  7. Joe-stang....check out "Cone cam" they work great...we use them for the focus challenge ...get suspension shots, brake can stick em on the doors face forward or back...about 200$
  8. I can show at anytime. Give me a call at home and let me know what time you plan to be there and I'll meet you there at that time.
  9. Cool, thanks Rusty.
  10. Hey, Rusty and Tony, I'm going to pick up my BBK Intake today, but it's missing the filter (for 30 bucks who cares). Do you guys know what size the filter is so that I can go to PAW and pick one up?
  11. I have a spare one you can use to compare while shopping. PM me and we can hook up tonight.
  12. Am I missing something? What video and where is it?
  13. Tony/Rusty,

    Had a thought, we may not be able to tape off the parking lot area, but if we hang up some poster board signs saying Mustang Event or the likes I am sure most people will respect them. Thought on this fellas?

    Any one taking a video camera?

  14. Wont be around tonight... got the part #, gonna see if PAW has it, if not, I'll get at you tomorrow or on sunday for the BBQ.
  15. Hmmm....

    Might work, I'm down to try whatever. Do Letty or the girls have nice writing? They can draw 2 or 3 of them up and we could put them in various spots.

    P.S. I have a video camera too.

    Also, have a Weber but no way to get it. My dad took the one I had here and it's at his place in Ventura. He'll be around Saturday late afternoon early evening if someone with a truck can pick it up. If not, we are going to be one less Q. By the way also scored 5 dozen packs of buns :nice: Mmmmmmmm 6 dollar burgers.
  16. you are the man
  17. Just wondering if we should start a new Ventura County thread. This one has a lot of old stuff on it.
  18. I started one yesterday or the day before with the title of: Ventura County Upcoming Events. :D
  19. Chumash cruise

    Any interest? Maybe next weekend? Can talk names? hmm....