Vert Rockers In A Coupe - Fit Up Issues

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  1. Ok, I'm finally back working on my 66 coupe. I'm currently installing convertible rockers and I have a couple of questions.

    1. The convertible rockers are taller than the existing assy. I've read a few threads on the internet and it appears that this has happened before. Any experience? Do they need to be trimmed up? Left alone?

    2. This is perhaps a bigger issue. From the outside my original outer rocker looks fine and aligns well with the door. On the inside the original assembly appears to be bowed out in the middle about 3/8" as well as tilted a little. Do I just force the new and old pieces together and "send them home"? IE weld as is or do I have a bigger issue? I suspect this is common and as long as the door fits I'm ok.

    I've included a couple of photos. The first is of the stick up (looking from the side at the rocker). Note that it is sticking up about 1/8" higher than if I clamp it in place. The second is of the bow (looking down on the rocker).

    Thanks in advance for the help


    rocker from the side.jpg Looking down at the rocker.jpg
  2. i have found it easier to buy the un welded torque boxes and instal them inside first then the cover, checking to make sure they will line up before welding. if trimming is needed it will be easier to do. you can drill them apart if they are already welded .
    check your rockers with a straight edge to see if they are bowed ,check the new rocker as well. you will probably be able to just clamp the two together ,drawing them up tight . it does seem to me that the coupe to convert conversion i did had a bow in the new inner rocker and they welded in with no problem. mine were about 1/4 inch to tall at the top flange where it was to be welded . after plug welding them together i trimed the flange flush with the origional rocker.
  3. I did check with a straight edge. Its the original rocker assy that is bowed and twisted (at least on the inside).

    Unless I hear otherwise I'll tack everything together and see if the door fits. If it does then I'll finish welding it.

  4. maybe screw the rockers together so you can close the door