Engine Very Bad Squeel

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  1. Ok so I just replaced my tensioner pulley. And now I have a really bad squeel. Its from the belt. I noticed that the belt slightly rides off to the front of the new pulley. I'm assuming that I need to replace the whole unit. I'm guessing this is the original part and over time it stressed the aluminum and tweekedit slightly. This is the worse squeel iI've ever heard lol its deafening. Does this make any sense to anybody am I heading in the right direction? The pulley solved the first problem this squeel is new and it won't go away either. Belt almpst feels hot after a min of idle. Seems too tight. What do you guys think?
  2. How old is the belt?
  3. I don't know, I've made them squeal pretty good :D
  4. Is there a smell of burning rubber? Here's what I would do. Remove the belt and then turn every pulley to see if one of them is binding. They should all rotate freely and smoothly except for the crank pulley. If one is tight or binding that's the device that needs attending to. You have the alternator, smog pump, tension-er, water pump, a/c and power steering pulleys.
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  5. Yup thanks guys figured it out. Was the smog pump seized. Shorter belt skip the smog pump. Problem solved. It must of happened in between chinging oit the tensioner. Staryed out as just the tensioner and somehow siezed the smog pump. So I fixed the tensioner onlu to find a new squeel. But uckily got it figuered out before getting too frustrated lol
  6. Those damn smog pumps do that.

  7. Where you been rystang?