Very High Idle Problem

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  1. Hello, I have a 95 manual trans v6. I've had a high idle problem for a while, and over time it keeps getting worse, and worse. About a year ago the high idle was around 1500rpm. I have cleaned the maf, iac, throttle body etc. Over time the idle became higher and higher to around 2800rpm with out me changing anything. I took the IAC back off yesterday and cleaned it with carb cleaner again and put it back on, now my idle has raised to around 3k - 3.2k rpm. I tested the resistance on the IAC as the Chiltons manual says to do and everything seems fine that way. I went to the junk yard to check out the internals of the IAC on other 3.8L and they all seem to let out the same amout of "idle air" when I physically blow air through them. Is there any other ways to test to see if the IAC is functioning properly? Can I hook up a 12V power supply and see if the solenoid shifts? Any help would be great.
  2. This idle is seen as soon as I start the vehicle, and is a constant 3k rpm whenever I push the clutch all the way in while driving/stopping. Just thought I'd add that before someone asks.
  3. My car also idles the same when I have the IAC disconnected as well.
  4. Just checked the TPS voltage and I got .776 volts. I know I should be around .95 volts, but this voltage reading shouldn't be causing this problem, right? I read on here that WOT is supposed to be around 4.5 - 5V so me having a higher voltage than what I currently have would actually make me idle even higher, right?
  5. The TPS on our year cars doen't need to be reset. The computer reads the idle value and uses that as its base value. So, even if you could adjust it to .95, it would have no effect.

    Your IAC has simply failed. It's a common problem, just go buy a new one.
  6. Thanks for the quick response. I was hoping there was another way to test the IAC other than the way they chiltons manual tells you to. I am unemployed right now and can't afford to go around buying random parts seeing if the will make my car work or not. Looks like I'm going to have to though.......
  7. Ok, just bought a new IAC and put it on. Started my car up and there is no change at all in the idle speed.
  8. I am assuming now at this point then that I have a vacuum leak. I have a pressure/vacuum gauge that I can check the vacuum with no problem but I just need to know where I should check the vacuum at and the value that it should be at. Once I verify that I actually do have a vacuum leak, then I will search for the leak. Otherwise finding a vacuum leak will be extremely hard to find!
  9. Replaced a couple of broken/rotted vacuum hoses that I have found and there is no change. I pulled out the PCV valve and checked to make sure that works fine and it does. I also checked for vacuum where the PCV valve is and I got a lot of vacuum there so it seems that I don't have a vacuum leak. I haven't used my vacuum gauge because I can't find it, but it feels like a really good amount of vacuum at that point. I'm stuck on this one guys.............
  10. No other ideas anyone?
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  12. Are you still having this issue or did you get it taken care of? If you still have this problem post a reply.I may know what the problem is.
  13. Yes, I am still having this issue. The car has just been sitting around since the last time I posted on this thread. I just went outside to jump the car to recharge the battery because of the cold weather and it is still having the same issue with the high idle. If you believe you know what my problem may be, please help! Trust me, the high idle is very annoying!

  14. A steady high idle will not be caused by the IAC. And you proved that by getting a new one installed. If you have a vaccume leak, the idle will be more jumpy, not steady. If you have a STEADY high idle, the problem is the TPS. I would get a motorcraft TPS, adjust it to the correct voltage, and see if that fixes the problem.
  15. Thanks for the quick response. Wouldn't a bad TPS throw a error code though? And I already checked the idle voltage with was I believe .776V at the TPS. Since the car responds to me giving more/less gas when I push in the pedal, doesn't that rule out the TPS being bad? Also I thought we didn't have to adjust the TPS on 95' as
    Chythar has stated earlier in this thread.
  16. Not to hijack your thread, but send me a PM if you get the problem figured out. I'm having similar problem, but mine idles around 2000. I want to try to clean the IAF since a new one is pretty expensive. Did you use carb cleaner or brake cleaner? (Someone told me brake cleaner is ok but I dont like the thought of using it there).
  17. Haven't fixed the problem yet. Still waiting on a response from 2 people if possible. Once the problem is fixed, I will post what I did to fix it. Oh yeah, and I used carb cleaner to clean my IAC, dunno about the IAF though.
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