Vette gose into a house!

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  1. Well yesterday a Vette crashed into a house.. Looks like he took a turn way to fast and it went a$$ backwards into the house black marks are all over the place..I am going to take pic later on today..There is a huge hole in the house its not even funny.. But this is just dumb why try to take turns so fast..Form what I heard the hole back of the car is gone. I just think its crazy..
  2. crap man, thats ridiculous. was anyone hurt? this goes to show what can happen when a powerful car ends up in the hands of the wrong person...
  3. +1

    That's insane man.. do post pics :D
  4. Yeah he went to the hostptal there was no one in the house..
  5. someone crashed a mustang into a house in houston a couple weeks ago,killed 2 people i believe...