Mach 1 Vette slayer?!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I just purchased a 2003 Mach 1 Mustang and installed a Diablo Predator, ECU tuner, on it along with a MRT H-Pipie and Catback setup. What else must I do to at least be able to kill a C5? Or even a C6?:shrug:

    These are some of the upgrades that I plan to install for the near future:

    Roush Short throw shifter

    Carbon Fiber drive shaft

    Fluidyne Radiator

    Aluminum Flywheel

    3.73, 3.90, or 4.10 Gears

    Carbon Fiber Hood

    Aluminum Bell-housing

    Accufab Throttlebody

    JLT Intake RAI

    Maximum MotorSports and Griggs suspension components
  2. MGW is the better bet.


    The carbon drive shaft isn't a good choice for DD cars.
  3. I think you need to re-examine your list. Carbon fiber driveshaft and hood, waste of money. Leave the stock hood (lightweight composite), and get a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft. Why the radiator? Aluminum flywheel is a good choice, along with a good clutch setup to go with it. Gears are good, 4.10's or better though. If you have a TR3650 5-speed, I don't think the aluminum bellhousing is going to work for you, as the tranny and bellhousing are all one unit. Throttlebody isn't going to do much except give you a headache. The JLT intake is the best mod on your list!

    Now, if you want to kick C5 hiney, I would suggest the following to go with your aluminum driveshaft, gears, flywheel, and intake.

    PHP intake spacer
    Bassani or JBA mid-length headers to bolt up to the MRT midpipe
    Spec stage 2 or 3, Centerforce, or Ram clutch kit

    That should get you well on your way. Down the road maybe add some type of forced induction, either a blower, nitrous, or turbo.
  4. MGW and No Carbon Fiber love?

    Alright guys,

    I love the Roush shifter, for one, and so I'm gonna need some convincing to sway over to the MGW side. And please explain again why you guys prefer an aluminum driveshaft to a carbon fiber one....
  5. All of those bolt-ons won't get you more than 300-320 rwhp and save you a bit of weight.

    If you're thinking of weight saving with hood and other parts, start with the simple areas. Rear seat delete, empty everything out of your trunk, lower the rolling weight of your rims + tires.

    If you're really going to make some power, just save up for a supercharger. You could stay NA, but there's quite a ceiling as to what you can do with bolt-ons.

    Edit: and don't forget to stash some cash for a new tranny! T56 or TKO, but you're TR3650 will probably bite the dust quickly.
  6. For your wish list your only adding about 3 RWHP. If it was me, I'd go with the shifter and 4.10's like you want, and then I'd get some Long Tube or Mid-length headers and a set of cams.
  7. Power Adders

    The Mach 1 is a good weight as it is....I definately want to invest in a shifter , not sure what brand, either Roush or MGW. Mahle or JE pistons, for compression, and some 4.10s. By the way, by what size gears do you need to start to change your tires to fit the gears? I don't exactly want slicks. Also, the Mach gets most of it's power from it's cams, and if I got a brand of cams that made some major power, I'd definately buy them.

    Thanks guys...:nice:
  8. Last Comment

    I am going to save up for a supercharger, but I'd like to get one that makes use of the shaker or hooks up to it. I know Procharger does and maybe Kenne Bell, but I believe that if the Blower does make use of the functional shaker, then the car would very much benefit. If I am going to get a blower I might as well scratch JLT RAI off my list or just install it in the mean time. If I install some new "guts" in the car, pistons and Cams, and maybe some new headers, I actually like the stock manifolds, then could I potentially be eating vettes? I know that I'll be in the twelves for sure, and if I do end up installing the sc it will be like mortal kombat versus the vette, and I'd be shelling out a fatality. It does really get up and go with the MRT exhaust and Predator instalation. I've got a friend who is selling me some suspension parts for cheap, and they are good quality by the way, so the car is going to be lower and comer out of the corners quicker. I was contemplating on maaaaaaaybe getting an IRS from a cobra, but then I thought that the power might not hook up as well. What is everyone's thoughts on that? Also, do I really need a T56? If I am going to do some trans mods. then I might as well do them to a trans im going to keep. Sixth gear is overated, lol. Hope to hear back from you guys soon because I can't wait to start slaying some vettes.
  9. Might want to beef up the rear end if your really serious about the upgrades. Oh and carbon fiber is really unneeded, aluminum will be just as good at half the cost.
  10. I wouldn't go with IRS adds about 150-200lbs to the car, and it won't hook up as well. Not to mention there really aren't that many suspension upgrades that you can do. Not like a solid axle atleast. MGW shifters are the way to go. You can talk to anyone from the SVT and Saleen forums they'll let you know. If you are going to supercharge I would go with a Vortech. Procharger from what I hear aren't that reliable, and have nothing but problems. I believe that vortech also utilizes the shaker hood. Comp Cams makes a really good cam for supercharged applications. I agree with everyone else on the carbon fiber driveshaft. Just get aluminum. I would definatly get exhaust though, espiecally if you are going to supercharge. I personally like Bassani. But it's your choice. Your choice of suspension whether it's MM or Griggs is a good choice. I personally have Griggs but it's your choice, both work awesome. Also a rear seat delete kit and battery relocation will help. Depending on how much power you want, you might want to consider some brake upgrades. I hope this helps..
  11. Straight line, get a blower.

    1/4 comes in at 11.9 good enough to blast a C6 running a 12.5

    As said before there are complete packages from Maximum Motorsports, and Griggs racing as well. To be honest though, the Corvette carves corners like a bat out of hell, so good luck =). Also take note getting the complete GR40 suspension setup from Griggs will almost result in your car being unstreetable, it will HIT everything.
  12. I can second that. I have raced pletly of C6 and 06 Z06s on the track. I have a full griggs racing setup on my car. He can't hang with me. But on the street it's a pretty harsh ride. My car is mainly a street car. Open track every once in a while. But even on the street they can't hang. You shouldn't have a problem at all. The corvette that has come close was a Charged Z06. I still won though:)
  13. Griggs huh...

    The only thing i have against the suspension is the the price tag of 5k. I was going to mix and match griggs and maximum motorsports parts for the best price on each suspension part or just go with a maximum motorsports setup....
  14. That'll work to. I don't really know the difference. MM makes good suspension.
  15. Well, you shouldn't have a problem beating C5 Vettes with just exhaust and cold air. I've beaten several in my car and it's nothing too special as far as mods go...

    Definitely go with the MGW shifter. It's the best one out there. :nice:
  16. Alright guys heres an OVERVIEW

    From feedback I've gained that I need an MGW shifter...haha
    In the next month I will get an MGW shifter, and a Ford Racing aluminum flywheel, the same one used in the Cobra R, and a performance clutch, probably stage 2. I have an MRT Mid pipe and Catback and was wondering if I should get the MRT headers with the setup or go with another brand like BBK. I've also been hearing that Hypertech does quite a job with tuning and that they could hook me up with some serious horsepower. The question here is , where could I get a hypertech tune, which doesn't supply a tuner on their website, and where would I get a pair of MRT hearders, since I've been looking around and haven't found any. Again I'd love to hear some feedback from you guys.:spot:
  17. Oh yeah what Kinda Clutch do you guys think is good for the newer Machs
  18. Found Out....

    The MRT headers on the MRT site are actually JBA....BBK or not?
  19. I don't have any personal experience with this, but from what i've been reading on other sites, BBK headers are poor quality and you wouldn't want to go with those or the JBAs. The best choices for power gain, quality, and fit seem to be Stainless Works Longtubes or Kooks longtubes.... you also pay the price for them though. Around $850 for both brands. :eek:

    As for tunes, it's hard to say what's best. I guess it really just comes down to what tuners are using in your area. You don't necessarily need a handheld programmer to be able get a tune, as far as I know. I have a DiabloSport predator, which is nice to have since I can adjust a few things on my own instead of having to go find someone to tune. But to get the most HP out of your car and get that A/F ratio just right, you'll want to find someone that has software to tune Mach1s. If you have a handheld, then you can store the custom tune they give you on there, and still be able to restore the factory tune incase you ever need to.

    I don't really know what to tell you about clutches.... haven't read enough about them to recommend any certain ones.... hope i've helped you out a little though....
  20. Flow Tech

    What about Flow Tech longtube headers? Does anyone have anything to say about them?