Mach 1 Vette slayer?!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Mach1man22, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Check out sometime

    You can do a search on there and come up with results for basically everything. It's a pretty active place, too.
  2. For headers go with either Bassani long tubes or mids. They get the most hp out of them. I highly recommend them. Also for a tune go with SCT. They are the best.
  3. id like to see you run a 13.19 at 105 stock, research before you lie. since only some of the best drivers ran around 13.7s when motor trend tested it to gto
  4. i have bbk long tubes with prochamber pipe with a sct tuner and it was a good combo, i went with 4.10s they wrap out so fast it was a good move for me, i think if u get a blower you should get 3.73s
  5. well i have 245/45-17 and i am running 4.10s although i had to get a sct flash tunner, i like it but now i finish at the strip in 4th gear instead of 3rd like with the 3.55s. it has so much pull in 5th its crazy.
  6. Motor Trend and Car And Driver suck. The only driver worth their weight is Evan Smith of MMFF and he ran a 12.97 in an '03 Mach. He may or may not have had DR's. I can't remember.
  7. REPLY

    the time recorded was when my dad had the car with a pair of slicks and 3.90s. He should of done even better than that....
  8. and the motor isn't stock either....its got the MRT and i did do my research

  9. Well, I ran 13.8 at 101 in my car when it was completely stock... and that was at a crappy track with crappy air. So those Motortrend testers must either really blow at driving or they do their car testing in the mountains. :rolleyes:

    Go check the Mach 1 Registry sometime and you'll see that most of the guys there ran 13.1s stock at good sea level tracks. One guy even ran 12.8 completely stock.... research before you give your opinion... :nice:
  10. You might want to take your research and stick it up your ass. Anybody who relies on magazine stats is a moron. Bone stock, just like it came from the dealers lot.


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  11. :owned:
  12. Ye think that that guy will reply here again. My guess is no!! :) ahahahaha!!!
  13. we killed a c5 vette on the highway with ours and its stock
  14. Mach 1s have to be one of the most underrated cars ever, I swear... and that can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation you're in.

    It was funny seeing people's reactions after a race when I told them my car was bone stock. I got accused of having nitrous on several occasions.... :rlaugh: those were fun times indeed.....

  15. I dunno... 99% of the mach's I've seen show up at the car meets and races are all revving, thinking they are the fastest thing out there.