vibration in my car!!

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  1. im looking for some input on my car, its having some vibrations once it goes over 50mph, its mostly when the car is on downrevs or is in gear and just not pushing the pedal down. Then when i come to a stop, i hear a rateling noise for a few seconds, then goes away. I reved it thinking id hear it, but i dont while at a stop.
    Any ideas what it could possibly be? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I had similar symptoms with mine. Above 75mph I noticed a bad vibration that got worse when I let off of the accelerator. It turned out to be a bad driveshaft/u-joints.
  3. I had the same problem. Almost at the identical speed; would vibrate my car like a mofo, too!

    I replaced mine with the Motorsport aluminum DS. :nice:

  4. Same prob here, my shifter would shake like hell at around 50 MPH, I also replaced it w/ a Motorsport AL Drive shaft :nice:
  5. i already have the driveshaft, so im going to look at the U-joints today. Either they are bad, or they have come loose before, i dont know if that blower is helping out either:) Ill let you know, thatnks for the help
  6. My prob


    I am not sure if this was the same problem i had. When i would go about 90 or higher I had mad vibration and a knockin sound.
    Turns out it was my exhaust pipes. The rubber bushings were bad. So I welded some metal to both my pipes and the car, attached the metal together with some screws. Now i have no more probs.
  7. Since there's a mechanical noise accompanying the vibration, I'd go with the U-joints or something of a similar nature too. But I did find out something interesting while researching a different problem I was having. It seems there's a Ford technical service bulletin out there about vibrations in the '94 & '95s. I don't recall if it was all or just the verts (like mine) but it said there could be a vibration at highway speeds, right around 62-65 mph. It's a harmonic vibration from the entire chassis. There was no fix mentioned, but I noticed it in mine for a while then it went away. I can only guess that the exact combination of conditions that caused it no longer exist (i.e. total weight, weight dist., temp, & who knows what else). I thought it was a wheel balance problem, but rotating the tires and rebalancing had no effect. Weird stuff, huh?
  8. well i got under the car today, the 4 bolts were loose on the U-joint. It has happend before, but i tightened them up, and its all good now. Ill just have to keep an eye out for them, going to get some new U-joints asap though. Thanks for all the info guys
  9. i've got the same symptoms, but usually only on the highway or when im shifting from 4th to 5th. Also when it is in 5th and im not on the gas it will vibrate pretty bad. would you suggest that i have a simliar problem?
  10. yea, just take a look at your U-joints. THere are 4 bolts that you can check. If that isnt it, try looking at the trans mount or motor mounts, just a suggestion.
  11. Here is a deal with shaking in my Stang , last weekend my friend rebuild my T5 tranny, in tranny he change blocker rings , synchros and plastic inserts , also he put for me steel bering retainer , new Cobra clutch kit(I burn old Cobra clutch kit in 10 months/9k miles because I have oil leak on rear main seal) and new Ford Racing cast iron flywheel , same day when he put together everything we take a car to test , I drive , everything fine , except two things : In 3rd gear aroung 3000-3200rpms and up when I punched gas pedal , shifter/handle start shaking like "trrrrrrrrrrrr" left and right, ok in that day I had stock shifter with a lot play in handle so I been thinking shifter is realy bad now , (before he rebuild tranny ,I never have ploblem like that) ,
    Second problem is when I rev up over 4500rpms ,whole car start shake , so I think "now I have new flywheel I gonna give this problems a few days,
    Problem is still there, two days ago I got Pro-5.0 shifter , so I put in my car same day ,and I have hope "shifter never gonna shake like before" , BUT I'M WRONG , shifter still shaking and make trrrrrrrrrrr noise ONLY ONLY in 3rd gear at 3000 and up
    I have 3 months old U-joints, 4 months old rear end so thats good ,
    WTF is wrong now

    Sorry b/c I bring old post

  12. If you buy a new FMS AL Drive shaft it comes w/ U Joints. Dont keep replacing U Joints, just spend $150 and buy a AL one that comes w/ new ones.
  13. He already has the drive shaft.
  14. I had a similiar problem a couple of months back. I thought it was my driveshaft and my U-joints. I replaced those and it still was vibrating. I replaced the harmonic balancer and all of the shaking went away.

  15. BAH! I might be interested in your car for sale. :)
  16. check to see if your driveshaft is hitting. The FMS DS is a larger diameter and if your lower control arms are bad you need new bushing or new Lower control arms, I got the J&M Adjustable Control arms. Thumbs up on J&M