Victor intake is here!

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  1. Ahhhhh, finally got the new Victor intake delivered today, that **** looks so friggin badass. Way more aggressive than my Typhoon and infinitely better machine work, definitely going to stick with Made in USA from now on. All I have to do portmatch it to the 1262's and polish the runners and its ready to go. Any one else running this manifold? Lemme know what its like on the top end with this thing. I'll put some pics up when I'm done porting it and its all cleaned up... until then gotta hide it from the G/F!
  2. congrats...i got one not too long ago! WOW man she is just your gf and your having to hide stuff from her.....dont marry that one otherwise she will be hiding your balls from you lol
  3. She's expecting a diamond ring, so if she found out I spent all that $$... not good :nonono:
  4. I had one on a 347 that I ran a while back. It's useless unless you have a lot of cubes or compression and a lot of rpms. It's going to kill power down low and isn't going to make really good power till at least 7k. It's a super high rpm intake. If you are using it properly it is the best IMHO.
  5. have to disagree to an extent......what intake do you think can do the job better? a funnel web maybe....because the longer runs you wont lose as much low end.....but i think its all about where your combo is matched
  6. I'll be mail ordering a long-rod 306 and set it up for around 11:1 compression, set up with a solid roller for a nice little weekend weapon. If I was using a carb, definitely consider a Parker funnel web, read a lot of good buildups with those
  7. Congrats on the intake, but I agree with this.

  8. unfortunately, she still hasn't figured out that I fell in love with the car first... and its always ready to please
  9. what you need to do is take a step back and put things in perspective. Which one gives you a hard on more? The car or the girl? Not saying that you cant have both but when it comes nut crunchin time......just know which one to choose!:D
  10. things age well when taken care of... a lesson my G/F still hasnt learned when it comes to her body. Isnt it true that women get lazy when they're in a comfortable relationship?
  11. Yep. It'll never leave you, it'll never get mad at you for driving other cars, or owning more than one or even several cars. How many women can you have? One, and she'll still always complain.
  12. hahaha not only do you and i share the same philosophy in that aspect ( i say that all the time) But we also have the same taste in music and cars (88lx):hail2:

    Women just dont understand sometimes that no matter how much money i dump into my fox is one fox that will never leave me or ***** my best friend lol