Victor Jr Heads And F Cam In Turbo 347

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  1. I am looking at a 95 GTS with stroker 347 (8.5 comp ratio) and Cartech turbo kit (8 psi) installed with Victor Jr heads, Holley Systemax intake and F cam. Are those heads and cam optimized for turbo applications? It dyno'd at 590 rwhp before he lowered compression ratio (from 9) and upgraded the fuel system with rear sump and Aeromotive fuel pumps. It has stock rear end with 3.08 gears, what would be a good all around gear for this combination? It has the B50 block what hp are they good for?
  2. Cartech turbo, that's old school. If it runs good with the setup it has, I wouldn't mess with it. Sounds good to me.

    A B50 block is the Sportsman block. It is a stock block with bigger main caps. They get mixed reviews, but most people agreed that they are about the same as a stock block.

  3. I agree with leaving well enough alone. I've read post from Woody (Fordstrokers) where he actually gave the b50 b locks better reviews then a stock block. Pointed out the thickness in the main webbing as being the benefit. I think Ford rated them to 600hp, but later reduced the rating to 450hp and 6000 rpms due to breakage. From what I understand, most the split blocks were coming from circle track guys who were running sustained rpm. They are definetly no where in the same class as a dart or boss block, but somewhat better then stock. I would say that it a lot of HP for that block, probably a toss up as to whether it will last. My brothernlaw put 602rwhp through one, but it has logged 2000 miles in the last 7 years.

  4. Ford introduced the Sportsman block because the circle track guys were cracking the main webbing on the stock blocks. I don't think they really had high hp street engines in mind.

  5. And the 3.08 gears should be real good. Lugs the motor down more and you're into the boost quicker. Seen a few people going to 3.31 or 3.55s also. You def need less gear in a turbo car compared to n/a,blown cars. Should run real hard. Sounds like a good setup
  6. Here are the specs:
    B50 Short block (Forged internals 347 stroker) The B50 block is a stronger version of the regular 302 block.
    8.5:1 compression
    Victor Jr 70cc heads
    F303 cam
    1.6r Roller rockers
    Holley system max upper and lower intake
    Cartec turbo system (ceramic coated with upgraded single T-67 turbo air/air intercooler 7psi spring, 38mm tial wastegate) I am also including the 10psi spring
    Aeromotive A1000 fuel system with sump tank
    60lb siemens Deka injectors
    Fluidyne radiator
    MSD ignition
    AEM engine management computer system
    AEM 02 Wide band
    TKO 600 transmission
    Spec stage 3+ clutch (26spline)
    Tires in good shape attached to origional cobra R rims.
    A/C DOES work
  7. Optimized? No. But who cares? The combo has block splitting potential, so why would you want to cbange anything? 3.08 gears are probably stock. Change 'em if you're racing and you could ptobably get off of the line a little harder, but they'll be fine on the street where you're going to be traction limited anyway. Great street turbo, there. Should spool instantly.
  8. What size is the exhaust housing? 67 is kinda small, but as said for a street terror that sounds fun.
  9. Yeah, he's gonna have a terrible Backpressure:boost ratio, but at 7-10 psi, it won't make a difference, I think.
  10. he'll still be able to split the block with that so it's all good as is
  11. You cant compare a B50 block to a stock block. Its as good as a 2 bolt block will get for SBF. Should hold 600 - 700HP with no problem. I have one, it's much more beefier than a stock block. The iron content is stronger. It's also stronger than a Mexican block. Lets get the facts straight folks..
  12. :spit: writing my congressman now...
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  14. Years of common knowledge with SBF 302s says that the sportsman ain't all it was originally cracked up to be. Guys have made 600 hp on the stock block and the sportsman, but others have cracked 'em south of 500 rwhp. I think you're disputing a point whose argument has long been over.
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