~Vid~ New Mac o/r H + magnapacks

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  1. Got the HTS coated Mac O/R H in the other day and today i shot a few vids. The O/R H doesn't sound too good while driving around w/ straight through mufflers (when i fab'd my exhaust magnapacks is just about all that would fit right) as iv recently learned. But Revving and hard throttle pulls sounds good, lol. It's the "put put put" puffing u get w/ o/r h's and straight through mufflers that sounds like ass. I was going to sell this, break even, then buy a stainless Pypes O/R X which should sound awesome cuz i love my catted X but the GF doesnt like the catless smell at all, normaly i'd say time for a new GF - but iv been w/ her for over 2 years:nice: So ima proly gunna sell the mil elims (didnt even need em, the car doesnt throw a CEL w/ no cats!) and H cuz it sounds like ass, the GF doesnt like the smell, and it doesnt fit quite right w/ my cat-back set up:(
    Here's a bit of revving and about a 1/3 throttle "launch" (tired of cleaning thr rubber off my bumper, no more burn outs for me):


    Cruising, sounds better on video, but it kinda lugs the exhaust and puffs about:
  2. your neighbors gotta luv you. :D Sounds like @$$ when idle, sounded much better when you took off.
  3. It's in an idustrial sector near where i work - on a saturday, no ones around:nice: Yeah under throttle is pretty much when it sounds good, w/ 1/3 throttle just mildly accelerating it's a lound "blat blat blat blat" not very muscly sounding just annoying. Iv heard many good sounding o/r H's tho, just not w/ these resontors by magnaflow
  4. were did you get it ...for some reason, I LIKE IT, I have maganapacks and am looking for that sound....
  5. I gotta admit, i like the vids too - it sounds good. But it doesnt fit right on my cat back and my GF hates the smell anyways. I got it from Artie at artpercormaceparts, if u e-mail him at [email protected] he'll give you a great friggan deal
  6. ;[ How much for the mils?

    Youll get a check engine sooner or later. It takes awhile for me also unless i do a long highway run.
  7. im not going to do any sales in the forums, but yeah haven't had an CEL since i put it on
  8. sounds gangster dude,where did you get the side exhaust set up?
    you have any pictures?
  9. I have pics on my other comp, i bought the piping from a place in like Michigan or Illinois pre manderel bent, then shipped to me where i fab'd it together w/ magnapacks and magnaflow dual oval double walled tips to fit my catted SLP. Appearently the Mac isn't quite the same as the SLP x and the Mac had my passenger tips inset towards the middle of the car by like 2" which looks stupid. It's basically a 2" pipe that connects the mid pipe to the resonator, the a gradual sweeping bend that exits to the side right before the tires - no snaking back and forth.
  10. Put the old SLP X in today, fitment is way better, and now the GF doesnt mind going out in my car:rlaugh:
  11. Yea im really not a fan of the "blatty" sound that Magnapacks produce on our cars at all. Its like a non-stop popcorn machine.
  12. that was quick :rlaugh: :nice:
  13. ahhh the infamous "blat", sounds awful while cruising
  14. i think it's only w/ H's or only on off-road pipes cuz my catted X sounds great w/ my packs, not like i have a choice tho, packs is about all thats fits right for a straight through non "snake-back" side pipe fabrication.
  15. takes me like 1/2 hour now:nice:
  16. yep it is, i had O/R H and SLP Loudmouths and it had that horrible blat, switched to an O/R X and smoothed out the sound massively!
  17. yeah, gotta love the O/R X. If i could just get rid of the smell......or the GF....:rlaugh:
    j/k j/k:p