*vid* of 05 Gt autocrossing

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  1. this is a video of my autoxing the mustang....car is stock.......(for now)

    this was the first run, the first time racing it on track.......so had to get used to it......

    the car felt amazing....the brakes were excellent, handling was fairly good for a big car........the car has alot of potential to become very competitive....

    my best run for the day was 2 seconds behind some of the guys that usually win there classes......

    click here for video
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  3. Send the kids out of the room and read it out loud.

    BTW, the link above points to a file with no extension. What format is the video?
  4. :rlaugh: I get it scro. I think you do need help :D

    I cant view the vid either and cant play it in WMP. Format would be nice to know :)
  5. its wmv........hmmm

    copy the above url, and type in "www" in front of it

    and should work......the hosting site, won't let my hotlink it
  6. Hey guys!! This guys Stang is Kool!!! LOL!! Way to go man!! Thats a badass GT brotha!! :D

    05gt Guys

    The car is a bundle of fun.. Jesus Christ!! :D :D :nice:

    When you save the video, just double-click on the file and it will tell u about the extension problem.. Just tell it to use wmv..

    Evryone needs to check out this video.. This guy is a star!! :nice: Made my 1st cup of coffee exciting..
  7. The file I get from that link is an 11kb jpeg. It says "Site not supported".

    What gives?
  8. I still cant get it. oh well
  9. type in your address bar====


    -then copy and paste this behind it.....


    again sorry for the difficulty
  10. Woohoo! :banana:

    That looks like a whole lotta fun. I've been afraid to try autocross because I imagine it would be *way* too addictive, and that wouldn't work out right now. Maybe in a couple of years.
  11. Very cool video! Great camera work . . . very steady. I had no problem downloading and it played on my Media 10 Player. You have a very sharp car. The side profile angle of the '05 Mustang is so rad. Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad I ordered '06 Stang.
  12. Talk about abuse :rlaugh:
  13. Damn that looks like fun.
  14. it is......its a great way to "see" what the car has.......and what it can actually do in a safe environment.......

    just way for 2 weeks.....i'm going to a really big race at our local navy base......i'll have outside/inside views of the race and everything.....

    anybody near chesapeake, va......please feel free to contact me, i'll take ya racing !!!!
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