vid of my car

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  1. im so proud of having this on my cpu; i need to shoot a new one though
    actually, i recorded this short version from the my camera from the tv powered by the vhs that was taken by my friends video camera
    got to get it to the cpu somehow right :)

    as of video:
    dynomax super turbo mufflers - 2inch exhaust pipes (i think)
    hooker comp headers
    performer cam, intake and 600 cfm carb
    stock heads
    k&n filter
    2.8 gear

    taped this in august of 02
    runs a little better now than then...
    since then: msd 6a, rebuilt tranny, b&a shift kit, new used "torker" intake, 1inch lowering coils up front, foglights

    jon's 66
  2. linky no worky :shrug:

    Edit- Nevermind