[vid] Shelby Super Snake GT500 vs Dodge Challenger

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  1. i'm disappointed in the shelby, however I really do like hte challenger as well. I just figured the shelby would give it a better run.
  2. Let me defend the Super Snake a bit here as I've seen one race first-hand for three days, along with a new Dodge Challenger. We were doing 1/2 mile shootout racing, and here are the MPH results for the Challenger, my car, and the Super Snake.

    2008 Dodge Challenger - 124 MPH
    2006 Mustang GT (Saleen SC) - 134 MPH
    2008 Shelby Super Snake - 150 MPH

    My car is making 540 HP compared to the Snake's 725 HP and the Snake had me GREATLY covered as you can see. The Challenger makes a lot of power and looks beautiful, but the overall weight of it just slows it down.
  3. i bet those 20in boat anchors probably slowed the SS down
  4. Thats funny. My gf has a Challener SRT8 with Arrington 90mmtb, WarHammer CAI, Custom tune and cannot break into 12's with Nitto DR's...
  5. Very kewl!! :)
  6. i'm not up to date on what shelbys run or anything. but from what i've read, theres alot of 14 second challengers out there. a few 13s. i don't see a reason the shelby shouldn't of hauled ass on him.
    especially with the 725 horsepower that khyron said they have.

    and from what i've heard challengers have a decently tall gear compared to stock ones from our gts, at least before 2007. i thought they had a 3.08 or something similar. stock didnt gts coming with 3.55s until 2007 then they went down to 3.31?
  7. The Challenger was modded right?
  8. I think many of you are missing the fact that the challanger was built by GS motorsports. They specialize in supercharging new Hemis.
  9. I finally got over today to the Dodge place and checked out them challengers, They had 3 and the first was a red 6r that was nice on its own for 28k. Then came the black R/T which looked quite mean for 38k both were 09s. Lastly they had a 08 orange SRT inside with a tag of 58k the stripes were pretty kewl. They were huge aspecially next to my stang it looked pewny.
    did i mention the Viper they had? :nice:
    love my stang mo! :flag:
  10. Where can I find the full video?
  11. The shelby is so much nicer lookin then that charger....
  12. Nice granny shifting in the Shelby BTW. :nonono:

    And yes, from what I remember the Dodge was modified in order to run with the Shelby.

    I'm guessing they made it look close in the preview for dramatic effect though. But then again, who knows.....these guys also had an '03 Cobra outrun a GT 500 in one of their so called "head to head" challenges. :rolleyes: