video: 12.63 sec @ 111.69 mph for a stock 2011 Mustang 5.0L

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    my first track pass in the new 5.0. I struggled with the shifter and traction. I wasn't expecting the car to break traction so easily with the factory 3.31 gears.
    I kept missing the 2-3rd shifts, and only managed two clean runs that night.

    Tires were MT ET Street radials 245/40R18

    the only mod was Steeda comp springs.

    Here is the video


    next track test will include Steeda CAI, SCT tune, Steeda shifter.

    brought to you courtesy of my personal blog :)
    12.63 sec @ 111.69 mph for Meezer stock 2011 Mustang 5.0L
  2. No water box? And LOL at the pro stock burnout.

    111 mph can get you very low 12's with some good suspension and cheater slicks!
  3. The MPH is good for stock, with better traction low 12's easily. Good work.
  4. lol, I got excited watching all those Pro's on youtube. The burnout space was small, and didn't want to hit the brake hard.

    I wasn't happy with the stock shifter, and not used to the MT ET.

    I am looking forward to testing with the Steeda shifter, and warming the MT better.
  5. Impressive.
  6. thank you
  7. Nice job! With some more practice, you will knock off another .2-.3 off that 60ft with those tires. Don't worry about using the brakes for a burnout. 2nd gear and get the tires nice and sticky.
  8. thanks
  9. we did few passes yesterday, but we couldn't get much with the clutch sticking during the burnouts and shifts.

    we ran best of 12.155 @ 117.37

    we will replace the clutch and see how it goes
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