Video: 2010 Roush 427R Ford Mustang Burnout

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    <p>We know one thing for sure as Ford Mustang enthusiasts: where there's smoke, there's <em>tire</em>.&nbsp; After witnessing the <a target="_blank" href="">2010 Ford Mustang</a> set the drifting distance record, we knew it wouldn't be long until an aftermarket player showed us just what a modified 2010 Mustang can do.&nbsp; Enter ROUSH Performance and the Roush 427R Mustang.&nbsp; This tweaked 2010 pony car has the full package it takes to get heads to turn both inside and outside the car.&nbsp; If you haven't caught a good 2010 Mustang burnout video, then you are certainly in for a treat.&nbsp; Sit tight, crank up the sound, and hold on for this <a target="_blank" href="">2010 Roush 427R Mustang burnout video</a>!</p>