Video Ads

Discussion in 'Feedback Area | Testing Zone' started by DocG2828, May 18, 2009.

  1. Well SN has resorted to video ads.

    I was just trying to listen to some tunes and browse SN.


    THey now have vid ads I guess.

    Love me or hate me....that is BS.

    Speak your mind before I get bant.
  2. Use firefox? :shrug:
  3. Hmm Hobie does speaith the truth.

    But then again, they ban for video ads. Are you drunk?
  4. No and yes and no and yes and no...

    vid ads FTL.
  6. You can haz teh Firefox :shrug:
  7. I have no video ads! :banana:
    Never did see them eaither so I still think Doc is just looney. :crazy:
  8. yeh i havent seen one today. useing IE btw.
  9. Oooh....I've never had a thread in the Twilight Zone before. :banana:

    I don't get them at work, but our work network filters pretty much everything. :shrug: