{video} Baby bird

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  1. If its not hosted, I dont trust it. Im not saving or running any zipped filders on my PC :) .
  2. it's from Opie and Anthony's site. they are a nationally syndicated radio show if you haven't heard of them. but i understanf the whole not wanting to download it thing. here's an edited version on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in02LCdufUc
  3. :puke: MAN! I shouldnt have watched that while I was eating...not too hungry anymore LOL.

    And thats the "edited" version? Jeeze....I honestly dont know how people can comeup with this sortof stuff....just plain sick LOL.
  4. Opie and Anthony F'N SUCK :notnice:

    I did not watch that.

  5. yeah, they suck so bad that they are nationally syndicated AND have an XM show.
  6. I figured out what was going to happen before it did... I don't need to see that. People are sick. Anything for attention.
  7. that was prob one of the foulest things ive ever seen.....
  8. Lol thats silly.
  9. I don't wanna look, what happens?
  10. Hey, a guy with a last name that I believe was Voorhees was on pinks a few days ago....your not related to him are you? He had like a suki motorcycle I believe.

    Basically a new intern lays down on his back with his head over a trash can, then some huge fat guy drinks what looks like milk and then pukes all over the guys face NUMEROUS times! And im talking ALOT coming out each time, I cant believe the guy had that much in him! Intern had his mouth open at some points :puke: . Guy was completely covered from mid chest up :nonono: . Absolutly SICK!

  11. ya know how a mother bird feeds it's babies? well imagine a large man who just drank 76 double shots of eggnogg (sp?) feeding a radio station intern.
  12. Glad I didn't look!! no relation to the guy on Pinks.
  13. :rlaugh: That was hilarious. That was a TON of puke!
  14. how stupid can people get, shouldnt have watched it.
  15. AH man, I feel better. I thought it was some asstard killing a baby bird or something.

    Ill have to watch it in a minute, thats still sick as hell but I know ill laugh at it.