Video: Ford Mustang Shootout Between Roush and Saleen

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  1. Two of the most prominent names with respect to the Ford Mustang aftermarket are put to the test in this shoot-out video compilation. The S197 Mustangs in this clip are a 2008 Roush 427R and a 2008 Saleen S281--both formidable competitors. Take a good look at the sweet video of these two at the track competing in such events as the 0-100-0, the slalom, and the road course. Who will be the winner? You'll have to watch to find out!

    <center><a href=",com_mtree/Itemid,105/task,viewlink/link_id,128/" target="_blank"><img style="margin: 0px;" width="400" height="259" border="0" title="Ford Mustang Shootout - Roush &amp; Saleen" alt="Ford Mustang Shootout - Roush &amp; Saleen" src="" class="album" /></a></center>

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  2. So much for the Saleen. It's too bad, because IMO it's the better looking of the two.
  3. that's ok, both have some hot cars, but no doubt saleen is still the best looking stang. i say put the S302E against the p51 roush and let's see the top dawgs duke it out. imo, the saleen wins hands down.