Video: Jay Lenos Book Club – Farr’s Mustang Boss 302

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    OK, Ford Mustang fans…if you haven’t gone out and picked up Donald Farr‘s latest literary installment, you are seriously missing out. Why? Jay Leno says so–that’s why. Farr’s book, Ford Mustang Boss 302: From Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car is a completely epic compendium of everything Boss 302. Donald covers the historical past, ties in the omnipresence, and ultimately ties it all back into contemporary times, with the return of the Boss 302 in the 2012 Mustang.
    The StangNet team had the fortunate chance to get project Built to Cruise to Tulsa last summer, and more importantly, we got the chance to sit down and have dinner with Donald, right as he was honored by noteworthy Ford folks at the Shelby banquet one evening.
    OK, we’re done rambling (for now)–be sure to keep going for the video of Farr and Leno’s spotlight interview right in Leno’s garage!
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