Video of FFW

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by blackmagic94, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Here is the video of my first pass of the day at FFW Firebird. This is one of the slower passes of the day. You will also the end of a new centerjunk df on the dyno.
  2. Very nice! That really shot to 6k real fast on the dyno!

  3. Thats because the clutch went bye bye. I expect the car to make 630 plus rwhp with a new clutch.
  4. Spec Stage III?

  5. Worse case, if i have the money im getting the Quarter Master 8.5" race clutch
  6. Nice vid and run. Cant wait to see when u get the new clutch.

    :OT: waht kind of spoiler do you have, for some reasin when you were on the dyno it looked like an aluminum one.
  7. You mean Stage 5. The three is only good up to 630 Flywheel HP.
  8. Stage IIIi is good to 780lb/ft of torque. Its a Steeda Race wing
  9. Ok I went to the Spec website. Jake is right. Spec Stage III Street/Strip handles 600 RWHP and 695 Ft Lbs. The ceramic Strip version handles over 750 ft. lbs. It's a chatter box though.
  10. Your car is alright I guess... :D. Actually, it's awesome. The only complaint with a high horsepower car is the clutch. I know what a stage 3 feels like, I could only imagine what anything higher would be like :nonono:.

  11. I just ordered the Gforce t5 kit today, now to get the clutch
  12. nice run :lol: welcome to the world of Fun Ford Weekend! I have been racing for many years and even though I am a slow one compared to the others its the fun that I have at these events that keep me going back every year! Good Luck Bro! :nice: