Video: Stock C6 Z06 Vs. Modded 03/04 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Doc GTO, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. Saw this and had to share. They sound awsome . . .

    Here are the mods on the Cobra:
    03 Cobra Mods:

    -Steeda intake
    -X-pipe w/no cats
    -Magnaflow cat-back
    -Diablo Chip
    -Smaller pulley
    -Kenny Brown full suspension
  2. I would think it would take at least a ported blower, if not an aftermarket blower, smaller pulley, larger crank pulley and tune to keep up with a stock one. Of course just a shot of nitrous might help as well. Over at, some C6 Z06's are hitting 460rwhp with break in time or a tune. On a car that weighs 3150, it's a beast.
  3. Bad mutha!
  4. saw this clip on another site. The cobra is too quiet to be modded. there is no exhaust note. on my cobra with a catless X pipe, the exhaust noise really dampens the supercharger.

  5. do you really think that Z06 was stock? that thing ate the cobra a cobra with mods. i didnt think the cobra was that much less of a beast.
  6. the cobra driver did not seem to launch it hard enough if you ask me. notice how much better he did when he gave it more gas off the line, the first time he seemed to bog a bit. But the new z06 is the new king of the road.
  7. I believe the ZO6 is stock.
    I believe the Cobra was modded some.

    I believe a new ZO6 with 460+ RWHP (Stock) and weighing in at 3200 lbs is going to beat any 03/04 Cobra that's putting down LESS than 500 RWHP at 3700+ lbs. Do the math people. :rolleyes:

    At $70,000 a pop that new Vette's better be kickin' a mildly modded Cobra.

  8. There's always someone faster, I like my portly little 11 second on street tires COBRA. Hats off to GM for a very nice job.
  9. :stupid:

  10. Amen to that.
  11. yes sirs always someone faster. to bad that someone wasn't always me.