Vids of 140cilx's car losing to me.

Discussion in '1979 - 1995 (Fox, SN95.0, & 2.3L) -General/Talk-' started by Crovax, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. First two sucked and the last one was worse than the first two
  2. Note to self , right click properties, and see if Crovax links are real :bang:
  3. :ralugh:
    fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again.... you can't get fooled again
  4. I knew it wasnt real, 140's car would Own Crovax's anyday.

  5. Just happened to come into the office for a quick little project. Heading to Nashville in the morning for the 40th Anniversary Show.

    I'm gonna oh so badly kick your butt w/ the LX. I'm not gonna show any mercy now.

    I'm gonna dust you on the highway in a pull away.

    I'm gonna leave you so badly on backroads.

    I'm gonna pass you in the 1/8th during test and tune at the strip.

    I'm gonna have you just chomping at the bit to drive my car, and then I'm not gonna letcha! :spot:

    I'm gonna outrun you on the front lawn. :D

    See you in a month boy, you've asked for it! :owned:

    Oh yeah, then I'm gonna do all the same by half a car length in my 'vo!

  6. Whatever!
  7. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on you again. Fool me 3, not gonna fool me again!
  9. crovax, you silly silly guy, you linked to the wrong page! dont worry, youll get it next time! :p
  10. Hmmm let me check the link..........................................
  11. i knew it was bs by just reading the title :cool:
  12. Hey! a name change.... thats gonna be confusing...

  13. I never said which car. He does have a slow SVO and a slow Jeep.
  14. what do the links do? i didnt click on them, do they log you out?
  15. yeah, i had it changed a little while back... typing in "Red Rocket" everytime i got logged out was annoying :p
  16. Each time it is more painful... I have decide to never check your threads since now.. hehe