VIN and door tag decode????

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  1. Again I'm new to this newer Mustang (to me) so please bare with me.

    Is there a website which I could use to decipher the VIN and door tags?

  2. This is from my Haynes Repair Manual for '94-'03 'Stangs

    Counting from the left the 8th (eighth) digit is the engine code:

    4 = 3.8L V6
    W = 4.6L SOHC V8
    V = 4.6L DOHC V8
    T = 5.0L H.O. V8
    D = 5.0L Cobra V8

    The 10th (Tenth) digit (from left) is the year of the car:

    R = 1994
    S = 1995
    T = 1996
    V = 1997
    W = 1998
    X = 1999
    Y = 2000
    1 = 2001
    2 = 2002
    3 = 2003

    And that's all it says.
  3. In the example of 1FABP38331W100036 (not mine)
    1 Nation of Origin
    F Manufacturer
    A Vehicle type
    B restraint type
    P designation
    38 body type
    3 engine
  4. Thanks guys that helped....but now for more...??????

    In the VIM what does the 9th digit represent?

    And I found out some of the definitions for the coding on the door tag but still curious about the following:

    Region Code.....72 ???
    BRK code....1 ??
    Radio code....R ??
    Transmission code...G ???
    Springs code...G ???
    Powertrain code...2ZE2M F05 ?????

    Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Can't help you with the 9th digit...........must be a NAZI secret.

    I also can't find anything on the door tag data
  6. The book I have said the 9th digit is called check digit (internal usage). I don't know what that means. Here is a picture of the page, I hope you can read it...This book is only good for 1980-1995.

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