VIN numbers don't match..

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  1. Hi people
    I have a problem went to finally register the Mach 1
    when i went to CT DVM they require a vin verification
    my dash on my mach 1 was replaced by the owner before me so the VIN does not match the door the car was regged in Mass in 2006 under the door VIN do i need to worry about anything it has been bugging me for 3 days now because when i went to get the car inspected they require the DMV theft task force to look into it before i can get plates...
  2. Just tell them that the dash was replaced by a previous owner and they'll have to verify the VIN from one of its other factory locations. You shouldn't have a problem as long as the correct VIN is somewhere on the vehicle. Unless they just want to be difficult, of course.
  3. Does the door tag match the frame stamp? It souldnt be too big of a deal but they can be asses about it. Had the same problem with a 67 that had the door replace. Made me jump through hoops but in the end it was ok
  4. Phew..
    Thanks guys i had a detective call me today i have to bring my car into the main office in Weathersfield CT to have the dash vin checked they said the doors are secondary.
  5. DMV just checked the door tags on my cars. My title VIN doesn't match the door so I got one of those replacement door tags for around $30 and rivetted it to the door, solved.
  6. Don't forget the fender stampings

    Edit: whoops wrong years
  7. They didnt check mine at all..............
  8. so, hypothetically, if it were not the wrong years....

    where exactly are these stamps?

    my door plate and my bill of same do not match. :shrug:
  9. Well went to DMV they said i would have to bring the car to Mass DMV
    ok heres the kicker
    the Mass DMV said heres a form bring it to your local police station to verify the vin
    makes no sense seems that no one knows what is up and what is down

    were are the stamps on fenders and frame
    anyone know

  10. ok i have decided just change my insurance to the dash VIN
    seeing as in Connecticut that they go by the dash vin as a primary and the door as secondary the door jam will be sanded and jammed
    the downfall is my door vin calles for a 351c blue
    the dash is a 302 green at this point i dont care its not a show car its a cruiser
    so i had the original owner sign a bill of sale with the dash vin i change my insurance and off to DMV seeing as that old of a car doesn't need the title..

    problem solved