viper spec t56 mac prochamber fit?


Oct 23, 2005
Kerrville TX
I ordered my viper spec t56 from ddperformance a few days back. They couldn't tell me for sure if my prochamber would fit with the new trans or not, just said it would be close. Any one have this a 6 speed and prochamber on their car? I know I will find out soon enough if it will fit or not, but if its not going to fit for sure I would like to get a pipe that will on its way so that my ride isn't down waiting on parts.
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New Member
Mar 30, 2007
Have fun. I put one in last year, non viper spec, just the ford racing version. Only a few mods.

There is a good chance your prochamber will not fit, as I think the prochamber part actually interferes with the relocated cross member (cross member has to be mounted about 3 1/2 inches back to mount the trans mount to). Take a pic of it with dimentions so I can see the location relationship.

Believe it or not, Summit sells a energy suspention poly trans mount for a t-56 into a fox body $30 or something. You have to call as it's not on thier site. I can get you the part number if you need it.

Driveshaft- this has been a challenge. I had a custom aluminium shaft made at 44 1/2", but would not fit, so I got another one at 44" and it works perfect. If you didn't buy the $400 one from D&D, let me know if you need one at 44 1/2". I believe stock is 45 1/2". $100 and it's yours.

No need to modify the trans tunnel, or cut the shifter opening.

Not sure about the gear ratio of the viperspec, but mine is mated to a 3.73, and I can tell you that I hit 140mph in about 10sec, at 7k rpm, and just shift into 5th, not to mention 6th.

Don't forget to get the cobra silver and leather 6 speed shifter knob for $30 too. lol


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Apr 5, 2005
my bbk h pipe fits... ought a dr gas x pipe and it doesnt need about 7-10 more inches of straight pipe before it bends in for the x


Oct 23, 2005
Kerrville TX
THanks for all the info I will let you know how it fit for sure once it comes in. How do you like the sound and quality of the bbk pipe?
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