Viper wants to play!!!

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  1. so anyway i live in a super small town in utah theres some guy here that has seen me around and i saw him and wally world the other day and he says he races every other weekend in vegas. so we get to talking and he says he wants to race, so of course im down and then he tells me he has a viper "have no clue what yr" but all it has is exhaust. so what u all think, were going up this weekend.
  2. I think your going to get your azz handed to ya.

    Just my opinion. I really don't know that much about vipers though.
  3. good luck but i think w/o any FI your screwed.
  4. no faith! lol! anyway i do have a 150 shot but have been to much of a puss to use it lol guess i will have too
  5. I think Viper's are highly over rated. He will probably still beat you though. You will definatly need the spray!
  6. Lots of luck!
  7. Any idea what you are putting out for HP? Otherwise you are gonna get....:owned:
  8. the vipers is a high to mid 12 car on street tires. With your mods a sticky tire and a good hooked launch should be able to give it a good run, but he will probely edge you out.

  9. stang is never owned my friend! if he happens to beat me it will not be by much.
  10. ever drive one?

    I've driven a few and they are fast...510hp/535tq 3300lbs....0-60 under 4 secs....yeah thats over rated to me :D

    Now with a few mods they get to 600-650 easily.
  11. I thought it was 450/450 or 500/500 depending on the year and closer to 3500 lbs :p
  12. whatever it is its not looking posotive for the stang
  13. at first i was freaked out cause i thought it was a venom cause it has a HUGE ass wing on the back but its not. i think its a older one, looks like the very firsts one out actually, actually ugly lol red with yellow rims lol sounds way nice though

  14. Never driven one but i've ridden in a few. And yes for how much they cost :notnice:, A new z06 will blow it's door's off, so will slighlty moded Terminator's. They are awesome cars but in the world of exotic super cars I would consider it the bottom of the barrel.
  15. it don't look good man:nonono:
  16. red with yellow rims? Sounds like he left it parked in front of Ronald McDonald's house!!!
  17. I say good luck, but the viper will win.
  18. sounds like an older model...the red/yellow is an ugly ass combo.