Viper wants to play!!!

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  1. nevermind i take back what i said earlier. 2 years ago at a track rental the guy brought one down. Yours screwed lol. I found the video i had the time i thought it ran off. It was a second off. He ran the fastest stock viper time full weight stock tires etc.
  2. I beat one two times pretty badly on an 1/8 mile. He was pulling on me at the end though. It wasnt one of the newest models but it wasnt the old one either. Pretty fast car and had it been a 1/4 mile I think he would have had me. This was on the bottle of course. :nice:
  3. sorry but Vipers are a joke in the 1/4. Even modded ones. They are top end cars and just don't thrive until the end of the 1/4. At least at my local track they are running high 13's - low 15's and my best on street tires is 14.4. Now granted I'm at high elevation, but still.

    The same thing goes for the Vettes, they are all fast cars, they just aren't geared for the 1/4. If Vegas has an 1/8th mile (I don't remember, we used to always go to the drags to get drunk) you have a good chance, if its a 1/4 he'll probly win, but not by much.
  4. Mine ran 12.3 stock @ famoso, since when is that doggy at the 1/4 mile
  5. sorry 2 butt in but new 2 stangnet and can't figure out how 2 post a new thread!!
  6. Vipers running high 13? You've gotta be an ass-clown to run anything over 12.9 in a viper. Going to the drags drunk? It's still drunk driving :owned:
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  8. fastest ive ever ran was a 12.6 with 150 shot you all think i'll hit high 11's?
  9. You're an idiot. Did I say I raced? When I lived in Vegas I wasn't racing (*EDIT* I was spectating), I was doing a bunch of other illegal stuff like drinking and gambling under age, but I wasn't driving.

    High 13s where I'm at are good for low 12s sea level, my 14.4 converts to a 12.7 for the conditions the day I ran it. Read before you spew idiocy
  10. A zo6 will not "kill" is a good race...

    Also, they are a good bargain compared to the foreign cars. Didn't say american cars.

    E.T. doesn't mean much...the mph they trap (which will be probably be 7-8 more mph than will start to walk you hard the faster you go...

    Even though it is an older one (by the sound) - 425hp - it should still beat you with a good driver...
  11. I can spew idiocy all I want! :p
  12. yeah a low 14 in the mountains at Colorado Springs is pretty darn good IMO...

    We are about 2200 ft. above sea level out here in Vegas... and older Viper out here should turn out a low 13 or so... I dunno... just a guess!!!
  13. I raced a red '98 gts twice actually and lets just say...well it wasnt a race lol. That car had no problem finding traction on street tires. He was running low 12's. He INSTANTLY pulled about 5 cars on me only to pull away even further as I shifted into 2nd. Your gonna lose no question about it.
  14. Dont listen to them man. I think you can take him. Just hit the button. N/A no way.
  15. He's probaly right...afterall its only a n/a 8.0l v-10 with over 400hp
  16. There is no need for name calling...

  17. you lost so bad because you have 0 done to your car! lol of course you got smoked you are 99.9% stock
  18. I know but still, I dont see a 2v mustang being faster without the whistler. Look at it this way. A viper is just as fast as a z06 (not c6) an 03 cobra is just as fast as the z06. Can you beat an 03 cobra or z06? If not, then no you cant beat the viper.The red/yellow combo came out in '94 if im not mistaking.
  19. You have a lot done to your car, probably around 300-320ish rwhp without the juice. I would have to say you WILL NEED to juice it. He has exhaust mods and races at the track every other weekend, that has got to tell you something. 12.9, while good is not going to cut it. Please post results anyways.