Viper wants to play!!!

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  1. The early (1st) generations Vipers were pushing about 400bhp. They are not as fast as the newer ones...I believe they trapped in the 115-116mph zone.

    An 03/04 Cobra is not as fast as a zo6 (c5 or c6). The zo6 traps 117-118mph with a good driver. The FI Cobra's are hitting 111mph with good drivers.

    Also guys, remember there is more to the car than just straight line...

    To many comment on how the car is a "waste" or "overpriced" and then bring up quarter mile times. E.T. don't mean much, especially on a car that could see considerable road course action...and the suspension is setup for that, not low E.T.'s...

    Look at trap speed with a good driver...that shows potential.
  2. We're supporting ya man, but let's see...older viper (probably paid off), goes to the track all the time so he has experience (not to mention time and money), and he's challenging people he doesn't know from different states to come and race=he has more done to it than he is letting on=you :owned:
    But good luck and don't forget to post the results! :nice:
  3. But we are talking about the 1/4, none of the other stuff matters. If we were talking about road racing I wouldn't have said what I did about the Viper or Vette.
  4. Lets keep this clean and on topic, no more personal insults. are you listening speedfreek and myponyrocks. :p
  5. I wanna see the results of this race! Even if you get the launch, which I'm betting the Viper launches just as hard since they have big fat meats on them....but he'll catch up real quick with 490lbs of torque. Knew a guy with a viper that had side exhaust, damn that thing sounded sweet. I'd guess exhaust mods on a viper are worth at least 20 hp. Good luck!
  6. Why is it that when I look at stangnet everday this is a top topic. :D I will answere your question for you, you will lose:shrug: no matter what you have or do, unless your blown, boosted or sprayed. So tell that Viper to go find a snake or something in his price area. Cuz :puke:
  7. Mike, my last post wasn't a personal attack, it was just a statement noting the fact that anything other than 1/4 performance is null and void for this particular thread. My prior "Spewing Idiocy" post, I forgot a smiley, but I think he figured out I was playing.

    Now get that damn car to the track and post some slips :SNSign:
  8. You took that out of context. I was talking about how some were saying it was overrated, when you get more than just straight line performance.

  9. it's cool, I though I saw somthing starting with you and him and wanted it to stop befor ethe thread went to hell. sounds liek you guys are ok :)
  10. I'm more than ok, I'm the king of wasted mod money, who wouldn't be happy to be me?

    To the OP, have you guys decided to take it to the track yet?
  11. Viper > Mustang. plain and simple. Nothing wrong with that. You get what you pay for. Vipers are freaking ugly if you ask me anyways. Id take a C6 Zo6 over the Viper anyday.
  12. i think it will be a good race NA. with a 150 kit, you should wax him if you can hook. a h/c bolt on stang should run mid to low 12's easily in good weather at sea level and low 11's spraying.
  13. Jackie Chan - I woudn't say easy...but it can be done.
  14. well looks like i gotta go by a damn scanner, 11.714 to a 12.092. can someone tell me why the blue hell i got told i couldnt run no more cause i only have a 4 point cage. anyway i will post slips asap. oh and go buy a frame. anyway super cool race that guy is cool as hell, he owns a shop here in town i guess they do suspenion work. but really i think the giggle gas is to much for me i thought i was gonna die, so there will be a NEX dry kit going up for sell soon if anyone is interested. anyway all the peeps who had 0 faith i will post slips for u soon. peace out
  15. here the numbers no worries i will get a scanner:

    tires nitto DR
    60 foot was 2.018
    1/8 et was 7.670
    1/8 mph 98.22
    1/4 11.714 at 119.65
  16. gotta love the juice!! congrats dude my buddy used to SMOKE vipers all day , but then a again he had a fox with a supercharger and nos. either way upgrade the rollcage and smack the viper again
  17. ban'em both!
  18. I think each individual track sets its own rules for safety cages to time index...they probably require a 6 point cage for 11.99 under at that track. Maybe thats why you'll see guys with 11 second street cars lift at the end of the they won't get banned from the track.
  19. i had a friend with a 10sec street driven Supra that used to do that...

    he didn't want to put the type of cage that he needed to run at the track... I always think its funny when I see that!!!