Virgina Guys I Need Your Help.

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  1. I moved here a year ago and my 2004 GT has cams, catless H pipe, long tubes, and a procharger.
    Will it pass inspection here in VA?
    Where do YOU recommend I go?
    Pm me if you have a place it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Google, "(enter your county here) VA emissions"
  3. Just wondering. IF you go to your local auto parts store and have your car scanned with an ODB2 reader does it say "readiness test complete"?

  4. Yes it does
  5. yes my county does a visual inspection but the question i was asking was more along the lines of does anyone here know a guy that knows a guy?

  6. Virginia Beach area, near the ocean front.
  7. Update:

    Ended up getting 2 cats installed got my inspection and failed on 2 ball joints, tie rod end, and battery tie down not so bad. ordered steeda ball joints, moog tie rod and some dorman battery hold down.
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  8. I bet the car smells better already.

  9. Less of a pop on start up, less cabin noise, honestly I like it better than no cats. I ordered steeda ball joints do you know of them or how well they perform? the information sounds solid, however I'll always have my doubts considering i purchased moog last year and they already out of tolerance.