Virginia Beach Amphitheater

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  1. (Hopefully) A couple of friends and I are going to go down to Virginia Beach to the Dave Matthews Concert which is on a Thursday and end up spending the rest of the weekend down there. I have a few questions...

    #1 - How is it?
    #2 - Is the area nice enough to walk to? (Dave is coming to the Tweeter center in Camden, New Jersey, but we'd be shot walking through that area). Basically, is the area nice enough to walk through to get to and from the hotel?
    #3 - Since we're already extremely late in buying the tickets, we're spending about 85 bucks for the lawn seats. Would it be worth the extra cash to get into the "inside" part, even if it's in the sections towards the back (talking in the ~$130-range).

    I think those are all the questions I have....

  2. Dave mathews band? :puke:

    Last show I saw was Metallica/Godsmack. :nice:
  3. Hey Sparky, STFU. :D

    I'm a Metallica freak. I like most hard rock and some metal, but I love chill bands like Dave, Incubus, Gov't Mule, etc. I'm more into concerts where you can just chill out and lose yourself. I'm not into jumping around and beating the **** out of the guy next to me.

    I've been to 12-15 concerts my entire life (I don't know if you would consider 5,000 people a "real" concert) and I can say that Dave has put on the best concerts I've been to.


    BTW - I'll PM you back tomorrow. I gotta go to work at 6AM tomorrow, so I'm taking my ass to bed.
  4. There is no cruising allowed on the strip, meaning if they see you go up and down more than twice in a certain amount of time they will ticket you. So just be aware of that cuz Va beach cops are bored and will are all over stuff like that.
    Have fun!