Virginia Members and those close

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  1. I am going on vacation NEXT Week July 2-12.

    We are having a get together on Thursday the 8th in Luray, Va at a track. So far we have about seven that are going to come to race. Everyone is welcome to come out and have a good time.

    litlespic from TF is putting together a get together on the 10th in Virginia beach for a BBQ and some intense GoKart racing at Motororld. Again everyone is welcome.

    So who all is able to head out to one of these and have some fun?

    Trying to consolodate 6 threads now that 351 and I have littered :D

    this is the TF post;f=3;t=012981
  2. I will check my schedule, since y'all will be here in VA Beach! :D
  3. good. I need to be under a hood or two even if I am on vacation and I am bringing my camera to take loads of pictures to help my project out.
  4. I will have my laptop with me on vacation and I will call Matt when I get in town to get proper directions to his place. Like I said I will arrive in VB on the third and I leave on the 11th so there are 2 opportunities already set for us to meet and all.
  5. thats way too high tech. We are up in the mountains here.
  7. of course they do here....but you have to stand on your left foot and point your right hand East and upward at a 50* angle.
  8. Hope the cops have that same problem with radar
  9. Count me in for Sumerduck on the 8th. If all goes well I'll actually take my '89 2.3 and run it there, just for fun. The exhaust is cut off right after the cat, LOL. :D
  10. Sounds good, I am going to be bringing the camera and get as many of things as I can for my ideas.
  11. the 8th of what???? everyone forgets i am matts gf it's all about him yall don't even menchine amanda so i am left out in the cold :( he even drives my car and everyone says it's his :nono:
  12. Next week Amanda, do you have thursday off? I am going to bring my gf and the kids also.
  13. "I wanna talk about me, wanna talk about mine, wanna talk about what I what......." :rlaugh:
  14. Ruh Roh Raggy
  15. i am off pretty much every thursday :D
  16. So you have to put up with him every thursday???? HOW do you do it?
  17. Its taken her 2.5 years to get the able to put up with me at the track every week like that.
  18. LOL well you bring the light into her life, it is on a tree goes red red yellow yellow yellow GREEN
  19. lol its funny you mention that. We were using the yahoo messenger where you can draw pictures. I drew a tree and called it the "new family tree".:D
    Hopefully this summer I'm going to build a working tree that I can set-up in front of my shop and practice my R/T times.
  20. it's easy you just have to be patient :nice: