Virginia Members and those close

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  1. I am not a patient guy lol my gf will tell anyone that. I am already packed to leave friday even.
  2. yeah but thats a vacation that doesn't count. I'm packing for a vacation right now I don't even have one planned.:D
  3. The Boss Has all but my work clothes packed already and is planning the packing of the van for optimal space, and we have not seen the van yet. I think she has me beat now.
  4. ok she wins
  5. :shrug:
  6. Now she is packing things in those plastic totes from walmart, I think she is moving.
  7. i can't wait to meet you guys :flag:
  8. blah blah blah blah blah, your lips are moving , but i dont hear anything comming out!
  9. Just a couple more days and I will be on my way. I see that the new guy is kind of close he needs to put up or shut up quick and come to summerduck on the 8th.
  10. you still have all of my numbers correct?
    Man its 3:30AM I think your crazy, do you ever sleep?
  11. I am always awake I am SUPERMAN!!!!!!!
    Yes I have your home and work #'s When do you want me to call? Wed night? I am taking the laptop with me and I will be able to get online at night as I relax to corrupt the forum still.
  12. ahh very good.. yeah wednesday evening at work will be good. I'm there until 8:30 at least.
  13. your jealous because you won't ever get to meet me in person :rolleyes:
  14. WHOA!!! Lets not jump to that conclusion. We may want to take a trip to Cali and need a place to stay.
  15. Well I get home 6:30 am Friday and get the mini-van as soon as I can when they open and I am packed like the clampets and off to the races buddy.
  16. is the track that we are going to.

    Are there anymore takers? This is for a test and tune night. So far there is 10 that are planning to attend for some meet, greet and play time.

    New members that are close this is a great opportunity to ask some questions in person and see forum members cars in action.

    I am bringing the digital camera and although I cant run my car I am going to make sure that I make my rounds to all members that show up.
  17. They are running a Big Dog race that night too. Which means I dont get to run nearly as much but it should be fun. I should still get to run 7-8 times.
    Big Dog is cool because those guys run mid 5's and race heads up. Plus I know a few of those guys from here in town.

  18. Ladies and gentle men of the jury ...ex-ZIP-IT A!

    Sure thing, aslong as you know how to watch your back in the hood :spot:
  19. Git - R - Done
  20. so are you at the Beach now?