Virginia Members and those close

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  1. Yep Got here last night at 9 pm and am sitting watching the race on FOX
  2. cool oh crap I'm supposed to go get amanda....and put the "clutch" in.

    I'll be back on later

    Did you decide what you wanted to do next week?
  3. yep clutch at 1039 pm????? we have picked up another little one so I was thinking of meeting in Summerduck to allieviate the pain I will be experiencing of 3 kids.
  4. if you're coming up 95 I'll figure out the best directions for you.
  5. I have something from mapquest that will get me into the city of Summerduck, but after that I dont know how to get to the track. If we all can meet at a time in town somewhere get the whole group together and roll in like a team.
  6. lol sumerduck probably has a population of 500 or so people. There may be a bunch of people with us I'll figure out a good place to meet.
  7. sounds good to me. We all can all park together I am planning on taking the camcorder and my digital camera.
  8. i am all excited about tomorrow.
  9. Ok I am leaving right after this post. I expect to see a turn out and in case of a rain out well we may have to get something to eat instead. I think the total is 10 members. I expect to see 10 qualified members or a post here when I get home saying "Sorry Rich I got hung up and could not make it, I hope to catch you as I pass through KY or the net time you visit Virginia."
  10. Well the trip as a whole was great now that I am recovering sleep from it, we all enjoyed meeting you guys and going to the track with you.
  11. yeah defintaely thanks for stopping by and being one more person standing behind me during the yelling.
  12. I am trying to make it to some events this coming year to stand behind more people and take a number of pictures to blackmail people, I need cheap parts.