Forced Induction Vmp Supercharger Installed- :-d

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  1. So after over a year of "talking" finally got it on. Thanks to Power by the Hour in Palm Beach, Ken Bjones (w/Lund) for the Tune and Justin at VMP for the great enhancement of the Roush Kit.

    Drove home in late afternoon traffic so didn't get on it really hard. Without DR's KenB told me do NOT floor in when moving less than 60 or so on the hwy. The one time I DID get a good amt on it, It felt so powerful my first reaction was to pull back ... need to get on there Sunday with no traffic around.

    Outside temps in the 80s yesterday and car never got above 192. I think Im good with the Dual Fan AFCO and the 170 Stat. I reset the MPG gauge while on a 70mph cruise for about 5 minutes, and gauge stayed in the 24-25 range so the car is SO unbelievably comfortable and practical for a Cruise (stop and go will be another animal :lol: )

    For those just reading this now for the first time, Im coming from mods in sig to The VMP with 82mm pulley, BAP, LT's Catless H Pipe, JLT CF Intake and Lund/KenB tune.

    I wanted a very conservative tune which is why the Dyno may not look as "great" to some that are familiar with the setup. Didn't get too many pics as I had to get home and head out last night. Will be post more later.

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  2. I'm liking it!
  3. Yep, sure is purty. Dyno looks great for someone with the sense to not push the stock shortblock over its limits so, the fun lasts a long time. I'd do the same and be laughing every day.
  4. Very nice! Two years from now when I finally pull the trigger on a S/C, I'll have to keep this in mind.
  5. Nice thats what ID like. Im down in homestead FL
  6. Sorry to resurrect an old post, but I noticed VMP sells the blower in several stages: which one is this one? How about an update on your experience since install? Thanks
  7. Don't have much to share with experience since Im still waiting on the rims to mount my drag radials. I cant stomp on it yet :(.
    I custom ordered my parts starting with the stage 2 kit. Stock Kit injectors, but upgraded AFCO fan and JLT intake. Also added a BAP, which does not come with the kit.