Voiding Your Warranty

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  1. i just took my 2013 mustang for her first oil change, while i was there i found out about putting an exhaust system on it, they told me the collision center handles all body work like that. i stopped there and asked how much they charged, i also asked if it would void my warranty since ford is installing it. my salesman told me anything i do as long as ford installs it will NOT void my warranty, but the guys at the collision center had no idea. does anyone have an idea? any answers would be great, or how i could find out? thank you!
  2. No mod can void your warranty, unless they can prove that the mod caused the failure. That said, depending on your dealer, they may start there and make you fight your way back to your favor.

    Exhaust shouldn't have any impact on warranty. Having Ford install it doesn't guarantee that it won't void it; I'd ask for a statement in writing that dealer-installed parts won't void the warranty. Chances are you won't get it, because their lawyers won't let them do that.

    All that to say, your exhaust mods shouldn't do anything to your warranty, whether or not you have the dealer install them. But just know that if you have a claim, they may try to blame it on the mods, and you may have to argue with them.
  3. okay thank you, that helps a lot, but if i had a claim, couldn't i just swap out to my old exhaust and take my car into the shop or do they have a way of telling i had a different exhaust one, id think not, but im not a very intelligent when it comes to car mechanics
  4. In theory you could swap the stock exhaust back on, but that's probably pretty impractical. Besides, I can't think of any scenario where you're going to have an engine problem that any reasonable human being could attribute to a reputable aftermarket exhaust, so you're probably pretty safe.
  5. thank you Husky!
  6. Mod anything and it's an open door to a difficult discussion re. getting warranty service, should anything go wrong. That's the truth, no matter what the laws of your country, state, province or locality may state.

    I think you're pretty safe with a cat- or axle-back, if that's what you mean by "exhaust system". Anything that tampers with emissions equipment is a guaranteed problem on a couple levels, as this breaches federal laws as well as the warranty restrictions.

    I have GT500 mufflers and a Procal tune. Nice little setup that and has the best non-stock warranty coverage, bar none. I've had warranty service on a high dollar powertrain component without this setup causing issues, at least.
  7. The only way an axle-back might void your warrenty, is if you blow the engine because you can't keep your foot out of it :)
  8. ok thanks for the info guys! and yea im just looking at axle back exhaust
  9. This x 100...
  10. Just because it cant void your warranty on paper doesn't mean Ford won't go ahead and do it anyway and see whether you think the time/effort in fighting it is worth it. This is why it's so important to develop a rapport with your dealer and mechanic. Offer them a drink right after your regularly scheduled maintenance checks.
  11. I find that if they can find anyway to void your warranty they WILL! They're jerks about it but you just cant let the stealership push you around because they will.
  12. The simple answer is to find a new dealer. There is nothing a set of mufflers can do to harm your car.