35th Anniv Voorhees..vin info

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  1. Have a performance red 5-speed coupe with 1800 miles, need to drive the thing i just dont...vin is 1FAFP42X0XF199362...thanks
  2. 1500 miles!!! :eek: Yeah i'd drive it a little. :nice:

    Your GT is #3177 of 4,628 according to VIN#

    Post up some pics of this beauty.

  3. vin#

    Jason....thanks very much for the vin info
  4. Voorhees

    Jason, 1st time trying to do pics, hope it works

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  5. Voorhees

    pics of the 93 Cobra that i have
  6. God I love the way these cars look!

  7. oooh oooh try again i wanna see that too.