35th Anniv Vorhees...VIN Info

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  1. Voorhees, I hope you relalize what a valuable service you provide.

    This winter I bought my daughter a Performance Red 35th LE convertible after she had her '95 V6 convertible totaled in an accident. She loves her car and has wondered about the production number.

    I saw your work here and have another production number request for VIN:


    Thanks in advance for you help.

    By the way I have been a long time original owner of a '98 SVT Contour and recently joined my daughter as a Mustang owner with a 2003 Mach 1...you don't happen to have production numbers on them do you???
  2. Glad I can help, been doing this a long time now...:D

    Your Daughter's GT is #3739 of 4,628 according to VIN#

    Sorry, the 35th's are the only VIN#'s I have

  3. Some data here on other years: Mustang Production Numbers

    From my web surfing, I've found the following facts on our '99s (mostly common knowledge):
    4,628 total Limited Editions, 2,310 Convertibles and 2,318 Coupes
    1,555 Performance Red, 1,299 Ebony, 1,259 Silver Metallic, and 515 Ultra White
    1,979 Automatics and 2,649 5 Speeds
    2,226 with black convertible tops and 84 with white tops (on white cars only).

    The only specific Body/Color/option facts that I've found are that were 671 Performance Red convertibles built, 388 with automatic transmissions and 283 with 5 speeds. There were 84 Ultra White convertibles with white tops built, so anyone with one of these has the rarest of the rare.
  4. Thanks guys, that's great information!!!!
  5. Hi,
    I bought a black convertible this spring and love it.
  6. The Mach's don't have a build number, only total production numbers and breakdowns by color and transmission.
  7. Hi Voorhees,
    New Mustang owner.

    New stangnet member.

    Could you please provide my build number.

    vin # 1FAFP45X3XF151897

    I would like to put a nice plate under the hood with the build number.

    Thanks for your service
  8. Your GT is #208 of 4,628 according to VIN#

  9. Thanks a bunch.

    Do you have a link to someone that makes nice plates....

    Thanks again.
  10. Sorry, not anymore.
  11. looking for info on my 97 mustang gt production number!!please help!!

    hey i was wondering if you could help me i love my mustang gt its my baby ne how heres the vin number hope you could find out for me thanks!!!! vin#1falp45x8vf182501
  12. For a 97' GT? Sorry I don't have that information.
  13. only 84 ultra white cars with white tops!? surely not........ 1FAFP45X2XF231501 please tell me more..haha
  14. Well, only 515 Ultra White LEs were built . . let's assume about 50% (let's say 260) were 'verts . . . if about 2/3s of them have black tops and 1/3 have white, 84 sounds about right. There were 19,907 white '99s built without the LE option, probably a lot of them white 'verts with white tops, but 84 white on white LEs sounds about right.
  15. Your GT is not among the 515 Ultra White "Limited Edition" GT's I have VIN# for. The white interior was a option on a standard GT. I bet its still a low number in triple white.
  16. I knew mine wasn't an LE......i wasn't paying attn to what i was reading.....and im sure it is...i've never seen another.......LE or not.
  17. Hi Vorhees, New member. Purchasing a '99 performance red GT this weekend. Could you tell me the Build # please? Thanks! VIN # 1FAFP42X1XF152471
  18. The GT you are purchasing is # 267 of 4,628 built according to VIN#

  19. Thanks Voorhees-very much appreciated!
  20. Hi Vorhees, This is a great service you are providing. I wish I had found this a few years ago. I have a perfomance red coupe with 33,000 miles that I bought new. I was hoping you could give me the build #.

    vin 1FAFP42X5XF155311