35th Anniv Vorhees...VIN Info

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  1. Thanks, just keeping the flame lit for the "Limited Edition". I too have a ES coupe I bought new. :nice:

    Your GT is #428 of 4,628 built accordig to VIN#

  2. thanks alot. that's great to finally know.
  3. Voorhees
    New member here just bought a used red 99 gt, It has the original sticker and all the paperwork that came with the car. Could you please check and see if my stang is a LE 1fafp42x5xf235210 , It does have 2 tone charcol seats so im not sure
    Thanks Gene

  4. Sorry Gene,

    That VIN# is not a "Limited Edition" GT.

  5. Vin info

    I could use some help finding the production number on my 99 35th anniverary edition. VIN is 1FAFP42X7XF158078

    Thank you
  6. Your GT is #677 of 4,628 built according to VIN#

  7. Thank you so much for the info!!
  8. hello, could you tell me the build number of my 99 black GT please?
    vin# 1fafp42x6xf176328

  9. Your VIN # is not among the 4,628 "Limited Edition" GT Vins I have.

    All 1999 Mustangs('cept Cobra) have the simple badge. A true "Limited Edition" has several unique features. It was a $2600 option over the standard GT.

    You can stroll through some of the threads with pictures and see what is the difference from a regular GT to a "LE".

  10. Production # help

    hello i was wondering if you could give me the production info for my 1999 LE the VIN is 1FAFP42X5XF174926, it is one of the crystal white.

    Thanks Very much
  11. You GT is #1985 of 4,628 according to VIN#.

  12. Hi VOORHESS, I am inquiring if you could give me the production number for my silver 1999 35th Anniversary "Limited Edition" GT Coupe. I am the original owner purchasing my stang on 06-24-99. Only 20370 miles. The VIN is 1FAFP42X4XF218401.

    Thanks, Ken
  13. Your GT is #3922 of 4,628 built according to VIN#

  14. If you have time, would you be able to check my VIN for me?
    VIN: 1FAFP42X0XF175742

    Just purchased recently. Haven't even put 100kms on it yet (waiting to sell my other car)

    Thank you SO much!!
  15. Your GT is #2026 of 4,628 according to VIN#

  16. Perfect!! Thank you!!
    I was also wondering If anyone on the site makes the little plates with the number of car (for the 35th limited mustangs)??

  17. Thanks for the info...

  18. Is the Vin # stamped on the body/chassis anywhere or is it only on the vin plate visable through the screen.
  19. passenger side door?
  20. Vehicle registration . . . .